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Vandhana and Boopesh – Recent Telugu Wedding From Tirupati Tirumala

Vandhana and Boopesh – Recent Telugu Wedding From Tirupati Tirumala

Today’s post is a special one as I am presenting you a Telugu wedding from Tirupati Tirumalathe holy city of Lord Balaji.

Realistically speaking, it is not easy to manage a wedding in the holy city. It all comes down to logistics of managing the availability, bookings and travel plans for guests.

But the charm of getting married in the vicinity of blessings of Lord Venkateswara is all worth it. It was my first visit to Tirumala and the credit for that goes to Boopesh and Vandhana who invited me to shoot their wedding.

Wedding photography brings along  an extensive travel but its all worth it. It helps you to explore different cultures and places.

June can be a tricky month to get married in India. The weather plays a big role. You never know whether it will be a hot, sticky and humid day or if you are lucky it may rain to sooth you from sweltering heat.

As my cab was driving up hill, it rained and beauty of the place just cannot be described in words. The entire hill and the town of Tirumala has been well maintained by TTD ( Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams ).

Rains managed to stay away most of the time while we had an outdoor shoot with couple in western outfits in the backdrop of garden and bungalows in Tirumala.

We did had few rain interruptions but managed to get our shots. The wedding day being an indoor event unfolded smoothly.

Vandhana-Boopesh-001 Vandhana-Boopesh-002 Vandhana-Boopesh-003 Vandhana-Boopesh-004 Vandhana-Boopesh-005 Vandhana-Boopesh-006 Vandhana-Boopesh-007 Vandhana-Boopesh-008 Vandhana-Boopesh-009 Vandhana-Boopesh-010 Vandhana-Boopesh-012 Vandhana-Boopesh-013 Vandhana-Boopesh-014 Vandhana-Boopesh-015 Vandhana-Boopesh-016 Vandhana-Boopesh-017 Vandhana-Boopesh-018 Vandhana-Boopesh-019 Vandhana-Boopesh-020 Vandhana-Boopesh-021 Vandhana-Boopesh-022 Vandhana-Boopesh-023 Vandhana-Boopesh-024Hair Style For Telugu Bride Vandhana-Boopesh-025 Vandhana-Boopesh-027 Vandhana-Boopesh-028 Vandhana-Boopesh-029 Vandhana-Boopesh-030 Vandhana-Boopesh-031 Vandhana-Boopesh-032 Vandhana-Boopesh-033 Vandhana-Boopesh-034 Vandhana-Boopesh-035 Vandhana-Boopesh-036 Vandhana-Boopesh-037 Vandhana-Boopesh-038 Vandhana-Boopesh-039 Vandhana-Boopesh-040 Vandhana-Boopesh-041 Vandhana-Boopesh-042 Vandhana-Boopesh-043 Vandhana-Boopesh-044 Vandhana-Boopesh-045 Vandhana-Boopesh-046 Vandhana-Boopesh-047 Vandhana-Boopesh-048 Vandhana-Boopesh-049 Vandhana-Boopesh-050 Vandhana-Boopesh-051 Vandhana-Boopesh-052 Vandhana-Boopesh-053 Vandhana-Boopesh-054 Vandhana-Boopesh-055 Vandhana-Boopesh-056 Vandhana-Boopesh-057

Telugu Wedding At Tirupati Tirumala


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