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Weddings are lifetime memories! And few people can end up settling for any wedding photographer. Others call Navdeep Soni, Destination Wedding Photographer coined by Asian Wedding Photography Magazine as “Master of Ceremonies”. Beautiful pictures are clicked by cameras. Pure candid moments are captured by experienced wedding photographers.

Romantic Couple after their Wedding in Bangalore
Navdeep Soni

Beautiful Love Stories

Shooting beautiful Bangalore love stories!

Bangalore, the silicon valley of India, is cultural amalgamation of various communities.

People from all over India come to Bangalore to pursue their dreams. And the city of gardens takes care of every dream. Getting married in Bangalore is an extension of that dream in some way.

Whether it is your intimate weddings or capturing the extravaganza. You need someone who has the vision and calmness to absorb the hectic schedules of Indian weddings.

Give me a call for ideas.

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Desires of the Bride

Having shot weddings all over, the only thing you need for good pictures is the empathy and ability to understand your bride and groom. We know what they want! We know what they need!

Is Bangalore calling again? 🙂




"Thank you for everything Navdeep!"
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Our cross cultural wedding


"Thanks Navdeep!"
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Weddings are about fun.


"Captured some of my favorite moments with my dad!"
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Navdeep Soni Destination Wedding Photographer
About Navdeep Soni

Your Wedding Photographer

I travel all over the country shooting weddings. Hyderabad has always been a special. The city has a vibe. I shot my first Bangalore wedding in 2012 at RSI club. What an experience it was. After seeing that wedding on social media and internet. I ended up many weddings at RSI club and Bangalore. You need to hire me for your wedding in Bangalore if you don’t regular wedding photos.

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Why You?

Hiring just a wedding photographer is easy but choosing a right wedding photographer is confusing. Hire us!!

Well you should not if you are looking for any decent wedding photographer 🙂

As a destination wedding photographer, all my couples are looking for the best. And I travel for them to any location for my couples.

Yes, I have not shot many pre-wedding shoots in Bangalore. But having shot many pre-weddings through out India. It would fun to explore more location in and around Bangalore for pre-wedding pictures. It is all about smart planning to get your shots 🙂

I call myself as a “Personal Wedding Photographer” for my couples. I shoot in candid style to capture every moment in every ceremony. You need to give me a call and you will sold to my ideas 🙂

We will be traveling from Pune so the travel and stay charges are extra. You will get a formal quote clearly detailing all the charges and deliverables.

I am just a call away. Give me a call at +91.9923.00.22.34. If you are abroad and in different time zone. We can setup a WhatsApp call at your preferred time.

Tamil Iyer Wedding

Tamil Iyer Wedding at RSI Club MG Road Bangalore

As a wedding photographer, it is north meets west wedding. I am fond of  shooting south Indian weddings. It was exciting as I was shooting a Tamil Iyer wedding for the first time and personally too I had never attended any south Indian wedding. The tamil iyer wedding rituals like kashi yatra, oonjal, talambralu, arundhati

Richa Sriram Bangalore Wedding

Richa Sriram Bangalore Wedding

I think my hiring for this wedding started way back in 2012 when I was shooting another tambrahm wedding in Bengaluru (don’t why I wrote bengaluru, I still call it Bangalore :D) where Sriram and his family was present. Few years down the line Sriram decided to get married to Richa and he invited me

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