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SEO Guide for Photographers

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Take Your Photography Website to Next Level

SEO is like a fuel for every website and business. Photography is no different. Without adequate fuel it is beautiful piece of art that is hiding deep inside realm of internet. Follow my guide to grow your website traffic. Right traffic holds an unimaginable potential for your photography business.

SEO Optimized Shareable Content

Share content on your website that people are searching on Google. Do you know irrelevant low quality content can hurt your rankings.

Boost Your Ranking

Do you know your website is already ranking on many keywords but not on first page of Google? I will teach you how to boost your ranking to first page.

SEO Tips for Photographers

Seo tips by a wedding photographer for photographers. SEO is either expensive or half baked tips that are not designed for photographers.


Top SEO Strategies for Photographers to Increase Traffic Using FREE Tools

Ebook/PDF is a practical guide to building and implementing SEO strategies for photographers of an genre. You can be a wedding photographer, food photographer, fashion photographer or landscape photographer. Your website has a potential to grow traffic.

What Photographers are Saying?

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Keyword potential

Every article on a website should have a primary and secondary supporting keywords. In this chapter, we discuss about why potential of a keyword is important.

Photography Niche

Photography is a niche but there are further sub-niches under photography like wedding, food, landscape, architecture photography etc. We will understand our niche from SEO perspective.

Low Competition Keywords

Finding low competition keywords is crucial as they help you rank faster and bring more targeted traffic.

Free SEO Tools

SEO tools are mainstay of your website SEO strategy. We look into free tools we will be using the book.

Power of a Gmail & Free SEO Tools

Like cameras, tools are everywhere. What you do with the tools sets you apart!

I have shared the tried and tested SEO tips so that you can see results. My step by step instructions along with screenshots will help you to unleash the power of SEO.

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