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About Me

Navdeep ! Who and Why ?


Candid wedding photographer is a word much abused by all and sundry. And while I do fit the ‘profile’ I like to see myself as an explorer experiencing weddings through my Nikon lenses while chewing on my favorite gum.  Personality of photographer is as important as his style of photography.  It’s a part of the creative process.

I have to admit wedding photography has nurtured a new love for traveling and experiencing new cultures. My imagery is an extension of my love for observing people and the moments that usually go unnoticed.

It could be the bride lost in her thoughts during getting ready session, dad’s wet eyes hiding the emotions or groom’s favorite striped socks.

For me photography is a never ending urge to discover something new. It’s about being part of someone big day as they begin a crucial journey of their life; it’s about meeting interesting people with a love for photography.

If you share similar passion then we should talk ! Do let me know by using “about” as a referral code in my contact page. There are so many love stories and so many moments to capture.

Along with my team, I have covered a variety of weddings ranging from small and intimate weddings to big destination weddings in romantic locations like Udaipur, Jaipur, Kerala, Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Chennai, Bangalore and many more cities. Your wedding could be the next one!

My name is Navdeep Soni and I am a commercial photographer from Pune. I am use to of seeing the things with my “left” eye closed. I, along with my team, are looking forward to shoot your story the way we did for them.

So get in touch with me at
+91-9923.00.22.34 | [email protected] | Wedding Photographer Pune