Who is Navdeep Soni?

About Me

I am Navdeep Soni

Candid wedding photographer is a word much abused by all and sundry. And while I do fit the ‘profile’ I like to see myself as an explorer experiencing weddings through my camera lenses while chewing on my favorite gum.  The personality of a photographer is as important as his style of photography.  It’s a part of the creative process.

I have to admit wedding photography has nurtured a new love for traveling and experiencing new cultures. My imagery is an extension of my love for observing people and the moments that usually go unnoticed.

It could be the bride lost in her thoughts during getting the ready session, dad’s wet eyes hiding the emotions or groom’s favorite striped socks.

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I ditched the "STUDIO" format!

A lot of wedding photographers who started around 2010-11 ( like me ) were solopreneurs (like me) or shooting with very limited team (read 1-3 candid photographers). By the end of 2013, most of us had shifted from niche creative wedding photography to a booming one-stop shop (studio) for all your wedding photography requirements.

As a business, it made more sense and money.

We would provide old school, traditional and stage photography/video, candid photography as well as a cinematic short film. As a no-brainer, our clients loved the concept and willingly paid more money.

A few of us lost the touch with real photography and the real reason why we became commercial candid wedding photographers. We are now managers in the field who began managing photography teams. We manage our team, client expectations and if time permits we shoot as well.

There are few people like me who are in a minority. We are not fond of the “Studio” format. We don’t feel good if we don’t shoot properly from our hearts. Some call it a passion!

The choice is clear. You have an option to be a business guy or a photographer. There is nothing wrong with being either. One should do what makes them “happy”. I chose to be a photographer.


How does it work?

It works! trust me!

It use to work and it will. Hire someone who is exceptional, professional and has specialization in his work. If you believe a studio is exceptional in traditional photography, candid photography and all forms of video. Probably I am not the right person to shoot your wedding.

The work you see now on my website is 99% shot by me alone or along with my co-shooter. I believe we are at our best when I shoot alone or with a “very small team”.


Personal Wedding Photographer

 Yes, I am your personal wedding photographer. Wedding photography is an art and a difficult skill. I try to shoot in the purest form of candid photography.
I shoot a wedding without getting noticed.It really doesn’t matter if your wedding has a guest count of 200 or 2000. I am the personal wedding photographer of my couple and their families shooting all the events apart from weddings. My couples hire ( studio) photography teams who shoot the rest of the randomness of the wedding.



Don't hire me!

Yes, don’t hire me. I may not be a fit for your big day if your main criteria is a one-stop-shop for all your photography/video requirements. 

I do collaborate with specialized photography teams in all the major cities for stage photos and videos rather than one-stop-shop running a photography business with minimal passion.

If you are a passionate couple in love with photography, looking to create some magical moments, HIRE ME!. It does not matter if it is a destination wedding or a small intimate wedding.

You can check wedding pictures (here) of some passionate people like you who trusted our process.

Call me / email me to understand how beautifully it works!

My name is Navdeep Soni and I am a commercial photographer from Pune. I am used to seeing the things with my “left” eye closed. I, along with my team, are looking forward to shooting your story the way we did for them.