Utsha & Varun’s Bengali Telugu Wedding At RSI Club Hyderabad

Bengali Telugu Wedding In Hyderabad

Today’s post is about Utsha and Varun’s Bengali Telugu wedding in Hyderabad. Varun Bopanna, the groom had expressed his views on two weddings on the same day. And to accomplish that he was looking for Wedding Photographers in Hyderabad. The two families were planning to incorporate the best of the rituals from either side. It would keep everyone happy without making it a long and tiring day for the energetic couple.

Why Parlors are not the best location for getting ready pictures?

The day started with me sitting in the parlor and not shooting. It reminded me of another Telugu wedding at Noma Kalyana, Hyderabad. I was at the venue killing time as the parlor did not allow photography.

Most of the beauty parlors do not allow photography and getting ready shots. It is a fast-catching norm in all the cities in India. I had long chats about photography in the cars with Utsha’s uncle as photography was not allowed.

Most of the brides prefer to get ready in their hotels now. It not only saves time and hassles of running around/delays. It also gives an excellent photo opportunity of getting ready shots with a cleaner backdrop. I did manage to get some shots before returning back to the wedding venue.

About This Bengali Telugu Wedding

The venue, RSI Club Secunderabad, was very tastefully decorated by S V Event and Management Services Pvt. Ltd, Hyderabad. The wedding started with Bengali rituals. Utsha, a Bengali girl, made the typical entry of a Bengali bride, and Varun was dressed in a headgear of a Bengali groom.

Utsha had planned to go for a dress change after the Bengali wedding. But I guess she conserved her energies for some fun rituals at the Telugu wedding. As evident from the pictures, both of them enjoyed the rituals from both sides.

As I always say, the best way to get good pictures is to enjoy your wedding. It makes my job so easier :). We ended the day or rather night with a few couple shots at the venue.

Bengali-Telugu-Wedding-001 Bengali-Telugu-Wedding-002 Bengali-Telugu-Wedding-003 Bengali-Telugu-Wedding-004 Bengali-Telugu-Wedding-005 Bengali-Telugu-Wedding-006 Bengali-Telugu-Wedding-007 Bengali-Telugu-Wedding-008 Bengali-Telugu-Wedding-009 Bengali-Telugu-Wedding-010 Bengali-Telugu-Wedding-011 Bengali-Telugu-Wedding-012 Bengali-Telugu-Wedding-013 Bengali-Telugu-Wedding-014 Bengali-Telugu-Wedding-015 Bengali-Telugu-Wedding-016 Bengali-Telugu-Wedding-017 Bengali-Telugu-Wedding-018 Bengali-Telugu-Wedding-019 Bengali-Telugu-Wedding-020 Bengali-Telugu-Wedding-021 Bengali-Telugu-Wedding-022 Bengali-Telugu-Wedding-023 Bengali-Telugu-Wedding-024 Bengali-Telugu-Wedding-025 Bengali-Telugu-Wedding-026 Bengali-Telugu-Wedding-027 Bengali-Telugu-Wedding-028 Bengali-Telugu-Wedding-029 Bengali-Telugu-Wedding-030 Bengali-Telugu-Wedding-031 Bengali-Telugu-Wedding-032 Bengali-Telugu-Wedding-033 Bengali-Telugu-Wedding-034 Bengali-Telugu-Wedding-035 Bengali-Telugu-Wedding-036 Bengali-Telugu-Wedding-037 Bengali-Telugu-Wedding-038 Bengali-Telugu-Wedding-039 Bengali-Telugu-Wedding-040 Bengali-Telugu-Wedding-041 Bengali-Telugu-Wedding-042 Bengali-Telugu-Wedding-043 Bengali-Telugu-Wedding-044 Bengali-Telugu-Wedding-045 Bengali-Telugu-Wedding-046 Bengali-Telugu-Wedding-047 Telugu Wedding at RSI Club Hyderabad Bengali Telugu Wedding In Hyderabad Bengali Telugu Wedding In Hyderabad Bengali-Telugu-Wedding-056 Bengali Telugu Wedding In Hyderabad

Bengali Telugu Wedding In Hyderabad – By Navdeep Soni

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