Telugu Wedding At Chiraan Fort Club Hyderabad

Chiraan Fort Club in Hyderbad is one venue if you want to have a look and feel of a Destination Wedding in Hyderabad without actually leaving the city. Today’s post is dedicated to Aakruti and wedding photographer, Suman Chakri’s ( Chakravarthy ) traditional mandapam wedding in Hyderabad.

The couple was keen on the Tirupati-Tirumala wedding. But they couldn’t get a booking on the date. So they decide to get married in the city itself.

Aakruti is a Gujarati girl but bought up mostly in Hyderabad. On the other hand, Suman Chakri is a fellow wedding photographer and a Telugu guy.

This Chiraan Fort wedding had mostly Telugu rituals with a little blend of some Gujarati wedding rituals as well.

It is always an honor and a great responsibility when a wedding photographer hires another wedding photographer. Suman Chakri and Aakruti related to my style of shooting weddings and capturing authentic moments. I traveled all the way for Pune to shoot in Hyderabad.

I had never been a fan of traveling until wedding photography hit me. Now I always look for destination weddings. It is an opportunity to experience other cultures, cities, and food.

Aakruti-Suman-Chiraan-Fort-001 Aakruti-Suman-Chiraan-Fort-002 Aakruti-Suman-Chiraan-Fort-003 Aakruti-Suman-Chiraan-Fort-004 Aakruti-Suman-Chiraan-Fort-005 Aakruti-Suman-Chiraan-Fort-006 Aakruti-Suman-Chiraan-Fort-007 Aakruti-Suman-Chiraan-Fort-008 Aakruti-Suman-Chiraan-Fort-009 Aakruti-Suman-Chiraan-Fort-010 Aakruti-Suman-Chiraan-Fort-011 Wedding At Chiraan Fort Club Hyderabad Aakruti-Suman-Chiraan-Fort-013 Aakruti-Suman-Chiraan-Fort-014 Aakruti-Suman-Chiraan-Fort-015 Aakruti-Suman-Chiraan-Fort-016 Aakruti-Suman-Chiraan-Fort-017 Aakruti-Suman-Chiraan-Fort-018 Aakruti-Suman-Chiraan-Fort-019 Aakruti-Suman-Chiraan-Fort-020 Aakruti-Suman-Chiraan-Fort-021 Aakruti-Suman-Chiraan-Fort-022 Aakruti-Suman-Chiraan-Fort-023 Aakruti-Suman-Chiraan-Fort-024 Aakruti-Suman-Chiraan-Fort-025 Aakruti-Suman-Chiraan-Fort-026 Aakruti-Suman-Chiraan-Fort-027 Aakruti-Suman-Chiraan-Fort-028 Aakruti-Suman-Chiraan-Fort-029 Aakruti-Suman-Chiraan-Fort-030 Aakruti-Suman-Chiraan-Fort-031 Aakruti-Suman-Chiraan-Fort-032 Wedding At Chiraan Fort Club Hyderabad Aakruti-Suman-Chiraan-Fort-034 Wedding At Chiraan Fort Club Hyderabad

Wedding At Chiraan Fort Club Hyderabad, Telangana

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