What is a candid picture?

What Is A Candid Picture?

A few days back I conducted a small poll with my followers on Instagram. And the results were quite surprising. Below is the result with a partial result only from the overnight poll. By the time poll ended the majority of people had opted “Yes”

meaning of candid picture or fake candid. Plandid pic

Candid pic meaning as per the dictionary?

If you google “candid”. The definition can be somewhat like this –

”a photograph of a person taken informally, without his knowledge.”

Google search

What is Plandid Photo?

Thanks to Instagram/social media and millennials are adding new words into the slang every day. The latest entry is the word Plandid.

A plandid photo is a photo that is pre-planned and clicked/posed in a way that it should end up looking like a candid shot or a candid photo.

  1. What is candid wedding photography?

    Contemporary wedding photography is a mix of candid, documentary, fashion, architecture and creative posed portraiture. It uses a combination of natural/flashlight and old camera techniques. This is called candid photography these days. But as a layman, can you identify which photographer is using all these/some of these or none of these 🙂

  2. What is the meaning of the candid picture?

    A candid picture is a photo where the subject is unaware of being clicked. The subject has not posed for the camera.

  3. Do you pose for candid shots?

    No, pure candid shots do not require any kind of posing. If you have posed for a picture than it is not a candid picture. It is a fake candid photo or simply a plandid photo.

  4. Why candid photos are good?

    Candid photos are better than regular shots because the subject is natural and at ease. And a skilled candid photographer will capture the right moment to make the picture stand out.

Candid vs Plandid

Pre-planned poseNo posing
Easy to executeRequires practice and skill
Video Version: Candid Photography: Is it dependent on gear?

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Myths about Candid Photography

Candid photography has many meanings these days. It is such a big buzz word that people come online to search for the meaning of candid pictures. It is right from bazooka lenses ( read 70-200mm for geeks ) to even shooting with a specific brand of camera.

Unfortunately, these are the two most common tips given to noob wedding photographers .

And most of these definitions are being perceived and formed in the mind based on hearsay. In recent years, some wedding photographers have gone back to old ways. They are advertising or marketing a lot of posed photography.

Posed photography has been a mainstay for traditional wedding photography in India. It is creating perceptions and confusion about candid photography among people.

So any picture clicked without the subject knowledge is technically candid. So whenever you are posing for a picture, you cannot call it a “candid”.

Sorry to break your heart 🙂

Skills of a Candid Photographer

The skill of the “candid” photographer to pick up the right candid moments stands him apart. It will hold your attention and maybe will stay in your mind.

The candid picture is likable for a variety of reasons. It may be because of the perfect moment captured. It’s surrounding and/or decor in case of weddings.

The sheer beauty of the subject because of the subject’s attire and picture composition.

Good composition and angle make a photograph stand out. And this comes with experience especially at weddings by learning the art of anticipation. As a photographer, you can anticipate and chose your spot to click in search of your composition.

What is candid picture or photography for you? comment!

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