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Stop reading now! If you are looking for the best pre-wedding photographer in Pune with clich? pre-wedding photoshoot pictures.

Tired of funny awkwardly posed pictures of couples holding an umbrella, playing guitar or pictures with props where the couple is not better than mannequins.

Am I the right person to talk about pre-wedding photography?

Well, I have been a candid wedding photographer, shooting weddings and pre-wedding shoots since 2011. The time when not many people were not even aware of candid wedding photography and the concept of a pre-wedding shoot. I invite you to read more about me.

Navdeep Soni, Destination Wedding Photographer
Best PreWedding Photographer in Pune
Pre-wedding shoot in a wedding dress

Must Read: How We Plan Our Pre-Wedding Shoots?

Let me clarify it is not the fault of the couple. It is the lazy pre-wedding photographers who are not creative and experienced enough to suggest couples something new.

The job of a wedding photographer is not limited to click and edit pictures. The pre-wedding photoshoots require planning. It requires unique ideas or twists ideas so that it works in favor of couples.

Planning a pre-wedding shoot in Pune gives you a variety of location options. Do our Pune photographers do justice to the location they are provided with? Or they are churning the same kind pre-wedding pictures that lack emotional depth or personality of the couple.

Why Some PreWedding Photographers in Pune Charge Less?

There is a secret I need to share. Most of the photographers while shooting realizes that whatever they are shooting is not working. The result of the prewedding shoot is virtually in front of them. But they feel handicapped and short of ideas how ?they? can do better.

They go through this feeling, shoot after shoot. But they are unable to break this creative block in their heads.  These photographers develop a defense mechanism which is not helping the craft and for the couples.

As the prewedding shoot is in progress, there is a false sense of accomplishment.

The lack of ideas and understanding of the creative process makes them do average work. And no one is going to pay as per market price for a below-par work. Or a work that can be produced by any photographer with a camera.

They are happy with quick money and more number of prewedding shoots.

Prewedding photography is more difficult than wedding photography

Do you know this is a common belief?

Most of the accomplished pre-wedding photographers in Pune or in fact in any major cities, feel prewedding shoots are more difficult to execute than wedding photoshoots.

Let me explain why.

A true experienced photographer knows the importance of planning a shoot. The result will be less than desired if we don?t plan shoots.

A wedding photography assignment requires most of the planning within the team. Indian weddings are fast and dynamic in nature.  The only strategy that works is how fast you are able to execute your plan b. You have no role in deciding the date of the wedding, location, dresses, timings, etc.

On the contrary, prewedding photo shoot has to be planned within the team as well as with the couple. As a prewedding photographer, your cost includes suggestions on location, what dresses couple needs to wear, colors, style of shoot, timings, etc.

Everything has to fall in place so that when couples or their friends and family see the pictures, they should say ?Wow?!

If as a photographer, your planning is all but limited to extra batteries, lenses, and a list of poses than it is half the planning.

Couples, Please Avoid These Common Mistakes

Recently I made a small video about the common mistakes a lot of couples end up making ?during? the prewedding shoot.

Do go through the entire video, I can bet it is going to be very helpful irrespective of who your photographer is.

Common Questions Asked By Couples

prewedding photography in pune

Best Pre-wedding Photographer in Pune

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