PreWedding Couple Shoot Lavasa

Today finally I got a chance to present the latest prewedding couple shoot Lavasa – Pune. Lavasa is a planned hill city situated around 60kms from Pune and 160kms from Mumbai. Couple shoots are usually planned. Couples do love to discuss everything with me from location to dresses/accessories. Stylized couple shoots require a certain look. I  have to make sure that I  help and advice them accordingly. Aditi and Ankur both hails from Bhopal. But they were working in Bangalore and Mumbai respectively. They had already decided that they will have their couple shoot done atleast 2-3 months before their Bhopal wedding. Lavasa was one of the shortlisted locations as they wanted it to be done near Mumbai. They decided to have short 2 day vacation at Fortune Select Lavasa. Couple shoot was the integral part of the vacation. As a stylized wedding photographer, one of the key challenges is to make sure your that the shoot turns out to be “different“. Specially on a location which has been already been shot many times by you or others. Lavasa is one such common location for couple shoot near Pune. This was yet another shoot for me at Lavasa. And I had to make sure it does not look like another couple shoot at Lavasa. It has to be the right blend of my signature style, romance and yet with that personal feel which every couple wants.

PreWedding-Couple-Shoot-Lavasa-001 PreWedding-Couple-Shoot-Lavasa-002 PreWedding-Couple-Shoot-Lavasa-003 PreWedding-Couple-Shoot-Lavasa-004 prewedding couple shoot Lavasa PreWedding-Couple-Shoot-Lavasa-006 PreWedding-Couple-Shoot-Lavasa-007 PreWedding-Couple-Shoot-Lavasa-008 PreWedding-Couple-Shoot-Lavasa-009 PreWedding-Couple-Shoot-Lavasa-010 PreWedding-Couple-Shoot-Lavasa-011 PreWedding-Couple-Shoot-Lavasa-012 PreWedding-Couple-Shoot-Lavasa-013 PreWedding-Couple-Shoot-Lavasa-014 PreWedding-Couple-Shoot-Lavasa-015 PreWedding-Couple-Shoot-Lavasa-016 PreWedding-Couple-Shoot-Lavasa-017 PreWedding-Couple-Shoot-Lavasa-018 Lavasa Pre-Wedding Photography Pre-Wedding Photography Mumbai PreWedding-Couple-Shoot-Lavasa-021 PreWedding-Couple-Shoot-Lavasa-022

 PreWedding Couple Shoot In Lavasa – Pune – By Navdeep Soni