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Fort Jadhav Gadh is ‘the’ place if you are planning a destination wedding in Pune. Destination weddings are always special. Couples find the best location for destination wedding and plan every bit of detail well in advance.

Back Story

Deepa Mishra, the mom of the to-be bride, was keen on everything on board for her doting daughter. The entire Pune wedding was planned around the Bollywood theme.

Ramya and Bhavin are big fans of Bollywood songs and dancing. They made sure that everyone got an ample dose of Bollywood starting from sangeet to reception. Mishra’s who hail from Colorado had a nice vacation at the fort a few years back.  Fort JadhavGadh was on the top of their list when they were planning a destination wedding near Mumbai.

When Deepa gave me details about the wedding and venues, I knew the wedding was going to be a rocking one. I had already shot in Fort JadhavGadh, Pune, and was aware of the finer details of the venue. It was easy to visualize the Bollywood theme with Fort backdrop.

More details in the end.

Fort JadhavGarh Wedding Cost & Packages for 2021-2022

Fort JadhavGarh Wedding Cost and packages for Wedding in Pune
Fort Jadhav Garh Wedding Cost & Packages

Download Packages (2021-2022):

JadhavGadh Wedding Pictures

Bihari Hindu Wedding Rituals & Story

Dr. Ramya Mishra and Dr. Bhavin Jariwala were united in holy wedlock in the presence of family and friends from the US and India.

The wedding ceremony was performed by Pt. Arun Jha of Mumbai. He followed all the traditional rituals and ceremonies from Mithila ? the Land of Goddess Sita ? where Ramya hails from. Key rituals at the wedding included Baraat Aagaman, Jaimaala, Kanyadaan, Panigrahana, Saptapadi, and Sindoordaan.

These are respectively, wedding procession and welcoming of the groom, exchange of garlands, gifting away of daughter by the parents, voluntarily holding hand near the fire to signify union, taking seven steps with each step includes a vow to each other before fire and applying of vermillion in the parting of the bride?s hair.

The Hindu wedding ceremony at its core is essentially a Vedic yajna ritual. The primary witness of a Hindu marriage is the fire-deity (or the Sacred Fire) Agni.

The two families met and greeted each other when Bhavin arrived riding an elephant in a joyous procession.

In other salient Vedic rites from Mithila, the ladies from Ramya?s family performed the ritual, Chumavan, where they blessed the new couple. The men blessed Ramya and Bhavin with doorvakshata (rice & grass petals) while chanting shloka in Sanskrit.

The groom was welcomed by Ramya?s mother, Deepa, while Ramya was escorted by her father, Brajendra, to the vivaah mandap.

A heart-warming tradition of laabaa (rice-puffs) dispersion was jointly performed by Ramya and her brother, Abhishek.

Traditional melodious folk songs from Mithila were sung during the wedding.

The two-day destination wedding had four major events namely mehndi, sangeet, wedding and reception. We were taking care of the entire candid wedding photography and cinematic wedding short film of a two-day affair.


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