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One of the question most of the couples searching for Wedding Photographers in Pune for their pre wedding is about recommendations for pre wedding location in Pune. So we decided to start building a list of common places for pre wedding.

When a lot of couples start planning for a pre-wedding or post-wedding shoot in Pune, they are somewhat clueless about cost and location. They feel confused about which place they should choose for a photo shoot.

Many couples want to know best places for destination wedding in India but pre-weddings are different. I am a firm believer that location has a very limited role in the outcome of the pre-wedding photoshoot.

An experienced photographer’s job is to bring the chemistry of the couple in the pictures. The chemistry is not much dependent on the location. There is nothing called best photo-shoot location. The place for the pre-wedding shoot is a just backdrop and a way to enhance the look and feel of the shoot.

The main criterion for choosing the location depends upon the overall budget for the shoot and the style of shoot.

 Most of the places require permission and subsequent charges to use the location. It could vary anywhere from Rs.500 to Rs.50,000 ( and even 1 Lac+ ). Hence budget is an important factor in choosing a place.

For a casual shoot, a public place can work but if you are looking for a stylized shoot or a romantic pre-wedding shoot, a private location such as resorts is more comfortable. All these private places have a limited crowd which makes it easy for couples to get into the groove. All the location charges in private resorts are highly negotiable.

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FAQ About Location/Place Costs For Pune Pre-Wedding Shoots

Here are few locations for the pre-wedding shoot near Pune with approx location cost.

1. Location By Photographer

Couples see a pre wedding pictures shot at some place. They start contacting photographers for quote for that location.

Although it may work as you have mentally prepared yourself for the outcome.

But generally, the couple shoot is shot with a very different mindset. All prewedding shoots are pre-planned and the location is selected as per the plan decided by the couple and the lead photographer.

Most of the photographers provide you a customized quote for your pre-wedding photo shoot based on location, the time required to shoot and travel time. So any standard pricing for pre-wedding shoot means standard pre-wedding shoot.

So we would recommend plan your shoot and see which locations will help you execute your plans.

Permission Cost: variable

2. Empress Garden

It is a botanical garden in the camp area of Pune. Many pre-wedding shoots happen in the garden, especially in the morning. There are charges to shoot inside the garden. It opens at 9AM and remains opens till 5:30-6:30PM depending upon the month. They also provide a basic changing room which used by multiple people as there are chances that multiples shoots may be going on leading to lot of time getting wasted in waiting for room to be available. Checkout more pictures from prewedding photoshoot at Empress Garden, Pune.

Permission Cost: Around Rs.750

3. Pu La Deshpande Garden

Also known as Pune-Okayama Friendship Garden. This is another famous garden in Pune near Sinhagad road. The permission is available at Sambhaji garden ( JM Road ).

Permission Cost: Rs.500 as DD ( demand draft )

4. Oxford Golf Resort

Stylized Pre Wedding Couple Shoot - Oxford Golf Club Resort Pune
Click on the picture to see more pictures

This a resort cum golf course. It is situated in Bavdhan, Pune. Although many weddings happen every in this resort they are not fully open to the idea of a pre-wedding shoot. You can use the resort area or chalets but they won’t allow you to use the golf course.

Permission Cost : Around Rs.15,000

5. Agha Khan Palace

It is a famous tourist place in Pune. They use to allow pre-wedding shoot but the latest what we have heard is that they have stopped it now. No harm in checking once again.
Permission Cost: Info not available

(UPDATE: Lately they have stopped allowing pre-wedding shoot but it is good to call them and recheck )

6. Lavasa

pre wedding locations in pune
Click on the picture to see more photos

Lavasa is around 50kms from Pune. It is a very famous and go-to place for many couples. Lavasa as location for prewedding shoot is among the top 5 location in every couple’s list.

Permission Cost : Rs.5000 – Rs.10,000

7. Residency Lake Resort, Mulshi

Mulshi Pre-Wedding Shoot Near Pune
For More Pictures Click here

If you are planning a shoot in Mulshi and looking for a resort in Mulshi for a pre-wedding photoshoot. Do consider Residency Lake Resort. Click on the picture below to check out our shoot from this resort.

Permission Cost: Rs.10,000

8. Lohagad Boat Club, Lonavala

It is a boat and restaurant at Pawna Lake. It is around 60-70kms from Pune. This can be a good option for a pre-wedding shoot. It has a lake surrounded by hills with the facility of motorboats. Accommodation is also available for overnight stay.

Permission Cost: Info not available

9. Tiger Point, Lonavala

If you are looking to shoot on the hills that would remind you a bit of Bollywood than tiger point or areas near tiger point.

Permission Cost: Nil

10. Mulshi

It is a famous weekend drive for many Puneites. Hence very famous for a pre-wedding shoot around the Mulshi lake. ( See – pre-wedding shoot at a resort in Mulshi ).

Permission Cost: Nil

11. Atmantan Wellness Resort, Mulshi

You can choose this place if you want to have a destination luxury pre-wedding shoot near Pune.

Permission Cost: Info not available

12. Malhar Machi, Pune

Recommended for a stylized pre-wedding shoot near Pune. It is a nice well-maintained resort near Pune. The only deterrent could be the high cost of location charges. We did a shoot here. Click on the heading to have a look.

Permission Cost: Rs.20,000 onward. ( call for a special discounted price as we have tie-up )

Malhar Machi Property Location Tour, Pricing & Discount Info

13. Koyana Dam Back Waters

This is again a beautiful place if you are looking to shoot in nature and backwaters. The only caveat could be 4 hours drive from Pune. But it will all be worth it. Flying drones for aerial shots won’t be an issue. You also get a view of windmills too.

Permission Cost: Nil

14. Arai Tekdi

Vetal Arai Tekde Pune Pre-Wedding

Also called Vetal Hill which off Paud Road, Kothrud. Good for early morning shoot as you walk up-to-the hill. You can find many joggers on the track. It gives a nice view of Pune city.

Permission Cost: Nil

15. Aamantran Agritourism

You want to bring a rural feel to your pre-wedding shoot. Aamantran Agritourism can be an option. They have a village setup that can be effectively used. It is not recommended on weekends or holidays as there can be a lot of crowds for tours. Prior permission recommended.

Permission Cost: Rs.1000/head onwards

16. Khanapur, Panshet Road

The area around Khanapur can be used for a pre-wedding photoshoot for beautiful sunset shots around the lake.

Permission Cost: Nil

17. Sangameshwar Temple, Saswad

It is a quiet, serene temple away from the city. It is around 35Kms from Pune. If you are looking for a shoot with a nice old feel temple backdrop. This could be your place for a pre-wedding photoshoot. The added advantage is almost zero crowds.

Permission Cost: Nil but you may donate Rs.100 to priest/temple.

18. Bollywood Style Outdoor Studio Set

It is a perfect for fun and cheesy style pre-wedding shoots where you have multiple movie song style sets right here in the outskirts of Pune. These theme based sets will remind you of Venice, Greece and London. The location has a changing room as well as privacy with no crowds.

Permission Cost: Rs.13,000 onwards

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