Empress Garden Pune Pre Wedding Photoshoot

Empress Garden Pune Pre Wedding Photoshoot

2020 shelved many plans. And weddings were no different. Akshay and Dhanshree wanted a quick pre-wedding shoot without going too far from the city amidst the beauty of lush green Pune. With their wedding just 20 days away, they did not have the time to plan.

I shared a few pre-wedding locations in Pune and they quickly jumped to the idea of a pre-wedding shoot at Empress Garden near race course Pune. The location has few advantages:

  • It is budget-friendly and costs only Rs.750 as location charges including changing room.
  • On the spot payment and no prior booking.
  • Lush green garden with beautiful morning sunlight in all seasons.
  • Limited crowd on weekdays.

The empress botanical garden has benefits but there are few things disadvantages you need to keep in mind. It is a very popular pre-wedding location so you will find few photoshoots going on during the day. All the shoots share the same changing room. It can be a privacy concern for a few and can lead to a delay in your shoot. Our couples being non-models, it is always recommended to change quickly so that they are mentally in the “zone” of being photographed.

Lastly, a common prewedding location means many couples will have similar photos and your photos may look like just another prewedding unless you have an experienced photographer who understands couple’s personality and innovate during the shoot.

Opt for this location only if you are on a budget and looking for a location with minimal pre-wedding planning with changing room option.

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Beautiful Empress Garden Pre-Wedding Photoshoot

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