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Pre Wedding Locations In Mumbai

Pre Wedding Locations In Mumbai

PreWedding Locations In Mumbai

    1. Sanjay Gandhi National Park, Borivali :
      Located between the suburb of Mumbai and Thane. It is one of the goto location for a prewedding shoot in mumbai if you want lot of greenery and foresty feel with water bodies. In addition to that you can shoot on the narrow gauge railway track and two lakes ( Vihar and Tulsi Lake ). The park is quite big and don’t expect to cover entire park as it can be quite tiring. Plan your shoot and go prepared.
      Permission Charges : Rs.3,300
    2. Vasai Fort, Palghar :
      Vasai fort is another popular place for pre wedding shoots. It is sea side fort located in Vasai village of Palghar. It is in ruins so expect to exploit that feel in your shoot. The architecture is in old Portuguese style. One of the distraction could be the couples hanging out. So that can affect your shoot as you will have to find your spots where your frames are clean. You will find church, graveyard, old big gateways, towers etc. Did you know Coldplay shot one their video in Vasai fort ?
    3. Palm Beach Road, Navi Mumbai :
      It is a 10km long stretch of road connecting Belapur CBD to Vashi. The attraction for couples is a clean road with new building towers around, giving your shoot a modern feel.
    4. The Asiatic Society of Mumbai ( Library Stairs ) :
      If you have grown on bollywood movies of 90’s than you must have seen many scene where these stairs have featured. The greek roman architecture attracts many couples for using it as their backdrop for pre wedding shoot.
    5. Bandra Worli Sealink :
      It is used as a backdrop for early morning or sunset shoots. If you can get permission, then you can shoot on the link. Don’t make the mistake of stopping on the sea link as it is not allowed. Goto the sea shore and shoot around the rocks and sea.
    6. Palava City, Dombivli :
      This can be an interesting option with lush green surroundings. It is a smart city with golf courses, sports courts, modern club houses and office buildings. So you know what the look will be for your pre wedding.Alibaugh & Dahanu Beach :
    7. If you are willing to leave Mumbai for the shoot and looking for beach options than you can consider either of them. Yes Alibaug is more famous than Dahanu beach but at Dahanu beach you can get lesser crowd and some interesting Zoroastrian feel. Also the town of Udvada is nearby that can be used as very nice and different backdrop. It is called a mecca of Zoroastrians.
    8. Adlabs Imagica, Khopoli :
      It is a theme park with variety of different themes to choose from. You need permission to use the theme park for prewedding shoot. You need to reach early and wind up your shoot before 11AM when the park opens for general public.
      Permission Charges : Rs.30,000
    9. Ballard Estate :
      Its a business center of Mumbai with all those beautiful old European style buildings in the south of Mumbai. This is one of my personal favourite, if you want european style feel, go for it and blend it with right kind of attire. If you are with the right photographer, I am sure you will fall in love with the results.
    10. Juhu Beach / Girgaum Chowpatty :
      If you love chaos and want to bring that “Mumbai” feel, this is the place you can look forward to. Bring the element of street photography and photojournalism into your prewedding shoot. Pick you photographer carefully because it is not that easy to shoot in place where there is lot of crowd. And yes this place does require prior permission to shoot.
    11. Gateway Of India :
      Last but not the least, the iconic Gateway Of India, well we all know about this. It is a very bollywoodish place to shoot. This seems an obvious choice but strangely many couples are not keen on shooting here.

    Locations for prewedding shoots or concepts for prewedding shoot need to stand out. I personally feel prewedding shoots are difficult to execute than weddings because photographer controls the flow of the shoot. In weddings, we as wedding photographers go with the flow of the day without being intrusive.


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