Honest Detailed WedMeGood Review

WedMeGood Review by Delhi Wedding Photographer

Recently I did a small survey and contacted many wedding photographers across different cities in India, asking two simple questions. 

“If they ever bought wedding leads or wedding packages from wedding planning websites?”


“Did they search or asked fellow wedding photographers if these packages work or did they work for them?”

A surprising answer was resounding “NO!”

Well astonishing! not one wedding photographer did some homework to find out if buying client leads and wedding packages work in reality.

Everyone agreed they had the perception that most of the established wedding photographers get a lot of leads from such wedding portals and apps. No one bothered to cross check or just call few photographers.

Few months back I did a video about the reality of wedding planning websites and how do they work here in India. They work to an extent for certain kind of wedding photographers.

Are you one of them?

Go check out this video and make sure you watch it till the end.

And earlier this month, I saw Navin’s Facebook post on his timeline where he shared his experience. He bought a package of Rs.50,000 from the WedMeGood portal and he had zero conversion. 

He even got convinced to reduce his price by almost 40% and still he was not able to convert a single lead.

According to his experience, most of the clients were willing to pay around Rs.20,000/day approx which was way less than what he was charging.

The sole reasons to buy wedding leads was to get access to more clients and increase the business and revenue. But working at such low price meant compromising on quality and catering low budget segment.

He was not the only one with a similar experience with WedMeGood. Such experiences are common across the majority of wedding portals. Check these screenshot from the comments from video and some wedding photographers sending DM to me.

WedMeGood Review by A Wedding Photographer from Delhi
Screenshot of a comment from a video about FAKE LEADS from portals ? check now

Here is video to the entire experience of Navin from buying to 6 months of dealing with WedMeGood team.

If you want to skip or revisit particular questions I asked Navin. You can follow the below timeline and click the link in front of each segment.

  1. Navins’ Journey: 0:52 
  2. Navin’s First Wedding & How he got Clients: 2:40 
  3. First Experience with a Wedding Planning Website: 6:00 
  4. Typical Sales Pitch by Wedding Website Sales Person: 9:00 
  5. Buying Package from WedMeGood: 10:10 
  6. First Month Experience with WedMeGood: 11:30 
  7. The overall count of Leads16:00 
  8. Navin reduces the price by ~40%: 19:00 
  9. How LISTINGS work in reality: 21:50 
  10. Signed any Formal Contract? : 28:30 
  11. ROI ( Return of Investment )/Profit/Loss: 29:57 
  12. Problem was not in Packages/ What Navin Learnt33:00 
  13. Free Plan Advantage/ Test the Waters: 37:16 
  14. What Wedding Apps can do? : 40:00

Confusion and Transparency by Wedding Planning Portals

So what exactly these portals are missing?

I think it is the transparency of educating the wedding photographers.

In any business or industry, they company caters to certain segment of client. Either they are not keen on working out things for its clients (in this case wedding photographers) and are mere directory of list of wedding vendors in a city.

They charge a premium to push you up on the top and expect you to convert either by convincing the client to raise their budget or wedding photographers reducing their price.

Both scenarios are not feasible.

Wedding portals are hurting their own business and slowly increasing the number of disappointed wedding vendors. They are slowly marketing the lack of real penetration into the segment of client they want to work as wedding photographers.

Mere listing of vendors and charging premium on listing is a decade old business idea which is not working in any industry.

Wedding photographers like any other consumer needs to make an informed choice of what they are buying and need to do thorough research before investing in any product or service.

The research we do before buying any camera or gear.

Fear of getting Blacklisted by Wedding Portals – Is this real?

I was surprised to hear that many newbie photographers did not wanted to speak in open about their bad experience because they felt they will be blacked listed by the wedding portal they bought leads.

Did these portals threaten them? No

Important question is how does this fear cropped into their minds and what is the logic?

A portal that has not been a help even when you paid them a heft fee than how bad the things can go if you are removed or blacklisted from the portal.

Navdeep Soni

Think about it 🙂

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2 thoughts on “WedMeGood Review by Delhi Wedding Photographer”

  1. As per my experience, not every lead is a unique and important lead, it is up to our understanding power and sales skill to find a potential person and dump all the less important leads away. Thanks Navdeep for all these important topic. Subscribed your blog.

  2. I just bought a popular package from WMG, Hope I don’t get scammed.
    Do you know if I can cancel the package and get a refund from Wedmegood?
    Paid 85K.

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