Understanding Candid Photography In Wedding

candid wedding photography

Indian wedding photography scene began to change around 2010-2011. People starting hearing a new buzzword candid photography. Couples getting married around that time wanted to have candid photography at the wedding. But not eliminating regular photography.

candid photography cost

Style of candid photography is more personal & intimate!

A lot of people have misconceptions and questions about candid photography. They have their own meaning of candid pictures and candid photography. They are not able how it is different from traditional photography. Today we will decipher the meaning of candid photography.

Let us take answer all the questions related to candid photography. And clear all the misconceptions once and for all. Before we define what is candid photography, let’s take up the basic question first.

How many types of photography are there?

  1. Candid Photography
  2. Regular or Traditional Photography
  3. Documentary Photography
  4. Street Photography
  5. Portrait Photography
  6. Fashion Photography
  7. Product Photography
  8. Architecture Photography
  9. Fine Art Photography
  10. Travel Photography
  11. Drone or Aerial Photography
  12. Lifestyle Photography

Candid photography in weddings is an artistic mix of all genres of photography. This makes contemporary wedding photography more challenging and fun to practice.

What is Candid Photography in a Wedding?

Candid photography is the art of clicking pictures when the subject is unaware, natural, and not posing for the photographer. The subject can be still or in motion while being clicked. The quality of candid photography depends upon candid moments. And the story it tells about the moment.

Candid Photography in Wedding

Candid photography at weddings gives more importance to story telling of candid pictures. The documentary style of photography is also an essential part. Candid photographers amalgamate fashion, architecture, portrait, product, and other forms of photography. It gives a nice but new meaning to candid wedding photography.

Candid photographers shoot venues in architectural photography style. They shoot wedding rings in product photography style. This new age of wedding photography includes everything. Wedding photographers shoot getting a ready session of the bride and groom. They bring an element of portraiture and fashion photography into it.

candid photography in wedding

“Give a touch of glamour, fashion, and editorial feel to images.”

candid wedding photography
Product Photography – Wedding Ring
best candid photography
Architecture Photography – Wedding Mandap

What is the difference between Candid Photography and Regular Photography?

In Indian weddings, wedding photography has two elements. They call it candid photography and traditional regular photography. In candid photography, where the subject is unaware and does not pose. Whereas in traditional photography, people sit, pose, and smile for the camera. Once the picture is clicked, they go back to their natural best.

The majority of people relate traditional photography to over usage of flash in wedding pictures. Using flash helps overcome challenging low-light conditions at a wedding.

The introduction of candid photography for weddings has transformed the wedding scene in India and all over the world.

But the basic difference is the art of using flash. Candid photographers look for creative use of flash. They diffuse or use light-bending methods. Traditional photographers use direct flash on the subject or use minimal methods to diffuse flash/light. The subject is lit bright and there is no play of light and shadow.

candid photography examples

Tips For Candid Photography

  1. Be Observant:
    The most underrated candid photography tip is the power of observing. Always be observant and it is possible only when you are mind is calm. While shooting a wedding, if you end up chit-chatting. Your observation power is going to drop.
  2. Art Of Anticipation & Visualization
    Images are captured because people laughing, crying or other extreme expressions is not engaging. A candid wedding photographer needs to develop the art of anticipating the moments with practice. Pre-visualize the moment so that you can create compositions that tell a story.
  3. Composition:
    This is the most important part because good compositions tell stories. Sharpen it, hone it. It is a long ongoing process of learning. Mobile phone photography is the best and easiest tool to master and improve your composition skills.
  4. Define your style:
    Try creating a certain look of the image/picture. Define your style by using focal lengths that you can relate to. 24/35/50/85mm provide different looks and feel to the moment.
  5. Right moment:
    Do take a few extra shots when you anticipated a moment. When you feel like a winner after you have clicked your shot. There might be some more coming. In my experience, there are quite a few good candid pictures right after “the” moment.

    So don’t drop your camera and keep it on the eye. Keep looking through the viewfinder. That fraction of a second of putting the camera back to the eye will make you lose the shot.

Candid Photography Cost

So if you are planning to hire a candid wedding photographer. What should be your budget for candid photography? How to decide your wedding photography cost? How much does candid photography cost?

There are so many questions that come to our mind when it comes to candid photography costs.

The cost of wedding photography varies with the skill of the wedding photography team. There are some factors like the number of days/events, team size, deliverables, travel, etc affect the cost.

Charges for candid photography services from freelance wedding photographers start from Rs.15,000/- onward. But the professional wedding photography team pricing is much higher. It varies anywhere from Rs.35,000 to Rs.2 lac/day approx. All these are average prices and can vary depending on the factors mentioned above.

Is Candid Photography dependent on gear/camera?

Candid photography is not dependent on gear. But you need quality and reliable gear so that you concentrate on the moments and not the gear. For candid photography at weddings, a few points are very important when it comes to gear.

  1. Fast Autofocus:
    The camera you choose should have fast and reliable autofocus. So that when you nail the right moment. Your candid photo is tack sharp and in focus.
  2. High ISO Performance:
    Wedding photographers are always shooting in challenging conditions ( read low light ). So choosing a camera with good high iso performance is a must.
  3. Fast Lenses:
    You should buy the lenses which are fast. Fast lenses are the ones with wide apertures ie. F1.4, 1.8, 2.8.

Who Offers Best Candid Photography?

How to decide which wedding photographer has the best candid photography style?

All you have to do is keep it simple. If you are a couple feeling confused about which candid wedding photographer to choose. Then all you need to do is to look at his two or three wedding sets.

Each wedding should have at least around 100 images. It will help you decide if the wedding set tells a story. Do you feel connected and feel the emotions in the pictures? If you feel it is another wedding set. Maybe he is not the best wedding photographer for you.

Candid Wedding Photography Examples

Let us share some examples from our wedding photography candid photoshoot. Here are some candid wedding photography examples:

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