Ideas and Tips on Podcasts for Wedding Photographers

Podcasts every wedding photographer should follow

You must be wondering why I am recommending podcasts for wedding photographers or rather any photographer? Today I am kicking off first of the many blog posts that would help photographers in general. Make sure you subscribe to me at the end of the article.

As a photographer, we are usually engrossed and en gripped with a lot of technical stuff in and around our photography gears. If you are earning from photography or plan to earn, then photography part is just one-third of running the business.

Today I will be sharing few podcasts that I follow and helps me in my wedding photography business directly or indirectly. But first

Why Photographers should listen to Podcasts?

Today wedding photography business is a mix of blogging, social media, networking, vision, and entrepreneurship. If you read that again, it has nothing to do with photography but is contributing to the growth of many businesses including wedding photography. Podcasts are a nice and smart way to self-help on many topics. Industry insiders or leaders share their experiences and keep you updated on the latest or upcoming trends in the industry.

Staying relevant and updated in your industry has never been as important as it is now. Not everyone hires a mentor or even feel we need a mentor specially in India.

I follow a mix of podcasts that target specific categories or areas. Podcasts are nice alternatives when you are not in the mood of reading. There are tons of free and paid podcast readers for your device. I will list a few options at the end of the article.

Before you make an assumption that all you need is following podcasts on wedding photography or photography. Let me clarify. Yes you need to follow few photography related podcasts but more importantly you need to follow podcasts or read books on other important aspects of our life and business.

The idea of listening to podcasts is provide self-help and growth in our life. Limiting growth only in our business or craft is a limited mindset. Follow podcasts or read books on various topics of interest. Like podcasts in business, social media strategy, relationships, etc.

Know your areas of interest and follow people to learn more. Knowledge right now if freely available but in a very scattered way on the web. Many people lack the smartness to dig out the right information and knowledge for their own learning.

How to get the most out of Podcasts?

If you are new to listening to podcasts or audiobooks, how long you can concentrate on the audio. Generally, if you are new to it, you might lose track after 15-20 mins. Your attention span may be low.

A lot of people listen to while in the gym or jogging. Try multitasking with some other activity. Don’t assume all the information shared is a gold and you can just blindly follow. Those ideas are good starting points.

You might have to tweak the suggestions and see how it works for you. Be open to experimenting. Most people listen to all the ideas but fail to implement them in their own business. Don’t just be a listener.

Podcasts I follow & you might consider to follow ( in random order )

  1. Amy Porterfield ( ) – Amy’s podcasts are about running online business and blogging.
  2. The Smart Passive Income ( ) – Pat’s podcasts are about blogging and related trends for the success of your business.
  3. Tim Ferriss Show ( ) – Tim talks to entrepreneurs in different fields and asks all those questions you might want to ask.
  4. Entrepreneur On Fire ( ) – John Lee Dumas interview inspiring Entrepreneurs to help you on your entrepreneurial journey!
  5. Photobiz Xposed ( ) – Andrew’s interviews wedding and portrait photographers.
  6. Social Media Marketing with Michael Stelzner ( ) – Michael interviews guests and discusses the latest social media trends.
  7. How I Built This by Guy Raz ( ) – Guy interviews founders and discusses how they built their companies.
  8. The Side Hustle Show by Nick Loper of Side Hustle Nation ( ) – How people have built successful side hustles.
  9. Akimbo by Seth Godin ( ) – Well-known marketing guru and author. If you haven’t heard about him probably you never read about marketing.
  10. Impact Theory with Tom Bilyeu ( ) – Focuses on mindset and business-related interviews.
  11. The Navdeep Soni Show & Thought Journal by Navdeep Soni – It is a shameless plugin for my two shows. The first one is dedicated to photography and the other one on my take on life experiences.

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