Once in a while you get an opportunity to do a couple shoot in an offbeat location. Akvile and Naveen were getting married at the native place of Naveen in a small town named Namakkal in Tamil Nadu ( South India ).  Even the journey was quite exciting as I reached Namakkal via Trichy and Chennai. The return flight was through Coimbatore and Hyderabad. Although they were pretty much clear that the wedding will be a proper traditional tamil temple wedding but the couple shoot or engagement session will surely be a contemporary one with a rustic feel with a backdrop of interiors of Tamil Nadu. Keeping it very casual and picnic sort we all decided to shoot in Kolli hills and at Naveen’s farm ( not very far from Kolli hills).  But the ingredients like big coconut trees, sunflowers, lush green bushes, warm local people and almost no crazy crowds to disturb us, was the perfect setting for me to get excited. We, along with few of their friends from London, decided to drive down to farms in the evening where we will have a usual relaxing time away from wedding madness as well catch up on fresh coconut water and beer. I have to admit inspite of a group at the couple shoot session which I usually don’t prefer, the friends set us free for some photos with no special request or any interruptions. That evening, we never really got the time to drive up-to Kolli hills as the beauty at the farm did not allowed anyone of us to leave the place. Unexpectedly for everyone, We even had some local food while returning back to hotel at a local dhaba. By the time we reached our respective rooms, it was decided that the same gang is gonna complete the incomplete journey right till the Kolli hills next morning. We started little late in the morning and never thought there would be so much beauty before we could actually reach at the top of Kolli hills. We stopped around the coconut jungles, villages, interacting with local people and ofcourse clicking pictures. All engrossed in the beauty, we lost so much time that we had to cut short and head back from the middle of the hill climb. Leaving some memories and pictures with me .. waiting for some other day to complete that journey.


Stylized-Couple-Shoot-Farm-001 Stylized-Couple-Shoot-Farm-002 Stylized-Couple-Shoot-Farm-003 Stylized-Couple-Shoot-Farm-004 Stylized-Couple-Shoot-Farm-005 Stylized-Couple-Shoot-Farm-006 Stylized-Couple-Shoot-Farm-007 Stylized-Couple-Shoot-Farm-008 Stylized-Couple-Shoot-Farm-009 Stylized-Couple-Shoot-Farm-010 Stylized-Couple-Shoot-Farm-011 Stylized-Couple-Shoot-Farm-012 Stylized-Couple-Shoot-Farm-013 Stylized-Couple-Shoot-Farm-014 Stylized-Couple-Shoot-Farm-015 Stylized-Couple-Shoot-Farm-016 Stylized-Couple-Shoot-Farm-017 Stylized-Couple-Shoot-Farm-018 Stylized-Couple-Shoot-Farm-019 Stylized-Couple-Shoot-Farm-020 Stylized-Couple-Shoot-Farm-021 Stylized-Couple-Shoot-Farm-022 Stylized-Couple-Shoot-Farm-023 Stylized-Couple-Shoot-Farm-024 Stylized-Couple-Shoot-Farm-025 Stylized-Couple-Shoot-Farm-026 Stylized-Couple-Shoot-Farm-027 Stylized-Couple-Shoot-Farm-028 Stylized-Couple-Shoot-Farm-029 Stylized-Couple-Shoot-Farm-030

Stylized Outdoor Couple Shoot At A Farm – By Navdeep Soni