Outdoor Portfolio Shoot & Concept Portraits Pune

Outdoor Portfolio Shoot Pune

Outdoor Portfolio Shoot Pune

Most of the people know us as wedding photographers shooting weddings and pre-wedding photoshoots. But there are times I get an odd request for a personal outdoor portfolio shoot in Pune. These concept portraits are not your typical model or fashion shoots. These are not aspiring males or females who want to get into fashion. All they want is a nice outdoor portrait session for matrimonial, wedding, Facebook to name a few. Though we don’t do in-studio portraits but we are open to outdoor portfolio portraits. We would like to make these portrait sessions into fine art portraits based on some concepts.

Concept Matrimonial Shoot

How does this concept or fine art portrait thing works ?

To start with need to setup a budget, location and slot for the shoot. The budget is sorted once we know the location and finalized concept with the client. So how do we formalize a concept. A meetup or a phone call to know more about the client in  terms of likes and dislikes. What are his/her comfort levels and personality as a whole. This allows us to formalize the concept/mood/style/look of the portrait session. Do write to Navdeep at [email protected] or call him on +91.9923.00.22.34

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