Couple Shoot At Shisha Jazz Cafe And Fort JadhavGadh Pune

Couple Shoot At Shisha Jazz Cafe And Fort Jadhavgadh Pune

Pre-Wedding couple shoot at a cafe?? I would say why not!

It is a great idea and pre-wedding shoots are all about a couple’s chemistry and different ideas that gel with the couple’s nature without any effort.

Unfortunately, the rules of the pre-wedding shoot have changed a lot in the last 7 years. It is all about Instagram (follow us) and going viral on social media.

I am glad there are couples who want unique pre-wedding pictures without compromising on who they are as a couple. It is all about their romance and not romance inspired by someone who had gone viral on Instagram.

This couple first saw each other at Shisha Jazz Cafe, Pune. The guy was reading Financial Times when she first saw him. The other thing she noticed was his colorful striped socks 🙂

Now go and find those pictures in the shoot 🙂

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CoupleShoot-Fort-Jadhavgadh-001 CoupleShoot-Fort-Jadhavgadh-002 CoupleShoot-Fort-Jadhavgadh-003 CoupleShoot-Fort-Jadhavgadh-004 CoupleShoot-Fort-Jadhavgadh-005 CoupleShoot-Fort-Jadhavgadh-006 CoupleShoot-Fort-Jadhavgadh-007 CoupleShoot-Fort-Jadhavgadh-008 CoupleShoot-Fort-Jadhavgadh-009 CoupleShoot-Fort-Jadhavgadh-010 CoupleShoot-Fort-Jadhavgadh-011 CoupleShoot-Fort-Jadhavgadh-012 CoupleShoot-Fort-Jadhavgadh-013 CoupleShoot-Fort-Jadhavgadh-014 CoupleShoot-Fort-Jadhavgadh-015 CoupleShoot-Fort-Jadhavgadh-016 CoupleShoot-Fort-Jadhavgadh-017 CoupleShoot-Fort-Jadhavgadh-018 CoupleShoot-Fort-Jadhavgadh-019 CoupleShoot-Fort-Jadhavgadh-020

Couple Shoot At Shisha Jazz Cafe And Fort Jadhavgadh Pune

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