Latest Wedding Decor Ideas

Let’s talk about some wedding decor ideas and trends in Gujarati Ahmedabad Weddings :

Wedding decor ideas & trends that Gujaratis love

While the vibrant culture and color are making foreigners ditch their home countries to get married in India. It is the change in the economic dynamics and the love for the fervor that is making many Indians themselves splurge and have grander weddings in the homeland.

And Gujaratis are leading the pack. And they are always up with the latest in Indian wedding decor ideas and trends.

Gujarati weddings are full of color, vigor, and fun. Though there are plenty of wedding destinations all over the country, Gujarat itself is not short of beautiful locations. There are many cities in and around Ahmedabad that offer the perfect setting for hosting luxury weddings. ( Check out the link under the big Bollywood wedding stage decor picture.)

The things that make a wedding beautiful, apart from the rituals and happy faces, are d?cor, planning, and wedding photography. Having shot a couple of weddings in Gujarat, I can easily say that the d?cor trends there are always completely spot on.

 Let me share with you the hottest wedding d?cor trends that are making Gujarati weddings look even prettier.

Wedding Decor Stage
Wedding Decor Ideas
Wedding Mandap

Mehndi decor – Marigold with plenty of Fuschia Pink

Mehndi decor primarily in Gujarati weddings is driven by the use of marigolds. The vibrant yellow in the sunshine makes for such a beautiful backdrop for creating stunning photographs.

The Fuschia drapes and colorful cushions add to the sunny setup and are the most sought-after color theme in the decor. There are many little interesting details like peculiar formations using the marigold flowers, and lining the staircases that can make the d?cor stand out.

Wedding props

Any wedding can be made fun of using the right props. Hanging frames, lamps, colorful umbrellas hanging upside down from the drapes, Rajasthani puppets, and unique pots with flowers are
interesting additions that I have seen across Gujarat.

Rajasthani Puppets As Wedding Decor

Rajasthani Puppets

Table Setup Ideas

Reception Table Decor

Wedding Decor - Upside Hanging Umbrella

Unorthodox use of lights

Wedding Decor Lighting Ideas

The use of candles and light strings at unusual places is also among the hot d?cor trends in Gujarat. They not only create a plethora of lighting hubs but also make the pictures look beautiful.

Electric candles in fish bowls, either hanging or placed on the floor, and the knotted light strings hanging from props or trees are very much in vogue.

So if you are planning your wedding or it?s your friend who is, make sure you incorporate these elements in your wedding d?cor to make a Gujarati wedding even more happening.

2024 Wedding Decor Ideas – By Navdeep Soni

“Weddings need an eye that can capture the real emotions visible on faces, body language, decor, food etc.”

– Navdeep Soni

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