Wedding At Air Force Auditorium Subroto Park Delhi Cantt

Being a wedding photographer in Pune, I should be shooting more weddings in Pune but I end up shooting less. As a destination wedding photographer, I travel wherever my clients want me to.

Many of my clients are from army or air force background so I have shot in many RSI Clubs and Delhi is no different. It has couple of venue in Delhi near Dhaula Kuan including Air Force auditorium for a wedding in Delhi.

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Wedding At Air Force Auditorium Subroto Park Delhi Cantt

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      1. Hi, Just wanted to touch base what is the procedure to book the lawn by ex defence personnel? We need urgent assistance on this .

        1. Hi Priya,

          You will need to personally get in touch at their location office. You can reach me anytime for any help. My contact details are on my contact page.


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