Indo-American Wedding In Delhi

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My first fusion Indo-American wedding in Delhi – It is a gorgeous intimate wedding shot in Delhi.

I always wonder why I should be hired for wedding photography in Delhi. There are so many wedding photographers in Delhi. Each one comes with its own style and price. The clients who are hiring me are looking for a certain style of wedding photography.

The wedding was in the first week of January. Delhi is the coldest at this time. The wedding had hardly any wedding rituals. The couple was planning to have wedding vows in western style.

The three-day wedding had four main events namely sangeet, mehndi, wedding, and reception. The sangeet and mehndi were planned in the Parijat Farms. The decor at the farmhouse just mesmerized me completely. The decor was done by the bride’s close friend.

The yellow theme was evident and the color was beautifully used. The venue for the wedding was 27, Akbar Road. It is the center of Delhi as well as the high-profile political arena of India.

The wedding had a white theme in terms of decor. The bride chose to wear a beautiful red sari for her wedding. The groom made an entry on a Royal Enfield motorcycle along with the baraat.

The reception was a formal affair at India International Centre. Clearly, this was not a typical Delhi wedding. It is good to see an Indian wedding is seeing a transformation.

Here is a tip, if you are planning something different for your wedding, do share it with your wedding photographer.

Wedding Venues in Delhi

Mehndi & Sangeet Venue – Parijat Farms, Silver Oak Farms, Ghitorni, New Delhi.

Wedding VenueDalmia House, 27 Akbar Road, New Delhi.

Reception VenueIndia International Centre, 40 Max Mueller Marg, Lodhi Estate, New Delhi.

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Indo-American Wedding at Dalmia House, 27 Akbar Road Delhi

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