Pre-Wedding Shoot Botanical Garden Hyderabad

Firstly, this was not part of our plan when I planned the pre-wedding shoot of Vidhya and Raghu in Hyderabad. Originally we did the major part of the prewedding shoot at Golconda Fort, Hyderabad.

This location was under consideration when for another couple. I shot their wedding at RSI Club, Secunderabad ( Hyderabad ).

Permission or Location Charges : Rs.1500/- ( Pay At Ticket Counter)

As we were winding up and the couple who stayed close to the Botanical Garden decided to explore the botanical garden as well.

Official permission to have a pre-wedding shoot was available at the ticket counter itself. If I remember correctly, Raghu paid Rs.1500 as permission charges.

It was a pretty nominal price and most importantly permission available so easily. Most of the public places in India, getting permission to shoot pre-wedding shoot is cheap but a cumbersome act. The garden is big and there is a lake inside.

Favorite Spots At Botanical Garden

I  personally liked the spots near the lake, hut shaped sitting area, and the area around rose bushes. But my favorite spot was an unexplored area in front of the lake where there was an old iron bridge and a rough Kucha path to it.

The place has ample shade with a lot of trees around which gives a nice forest/jungle look to the pictures.

Conclusion on Botanical Garden as Pre Wedding Location

It is a decent place if you are looking to spend a couple of hours on a shoot and don’t want to spend too much. The biggest plus for this location is a lesser crowd on odd hours and super easy access to permission.

I have heard there is a lot of crowd in the morning for joggers and morning walkers. Make sure to keep in mind while planning the shoot over here.

Pre Wedding Shoot Botanical Garden Hyderabad

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