A Big Fat Bihari Wedding at Ashoka Road Delhi

5 Ashoka Road Wedding

Today’s post is about my wedding photography assignment in Delhi. London based Riddhi and Ritwik studied together in IIM-A and had been friends since then. The good old friendship culminated into a life long commitment and thus the wedding. They had planned the wedding to the minutest details.

It was a traditional Bihari wedding with all the possible rituals thrown without leaving the fun element out of it. The venue, 5, Ashoka Road, New Delhi is a famous wedding venue at the heart of the political arena of New Delhi. Here some selected pictures from the wedding.

5 Ashoka Road Wedding Ashoka-Road-Wedding-002 5 Ashoka Road Wedding Ashoka-Road-Wedding-004 Ashoka-Road-Wedding-005 5 Ashoka Road Wedding 5 Ashoka Road Wedding 5 Ashoka Road Wedding 5 Ashoka Road Wedding Ashoka-Road-Wedding-010 Ashoka-Road-Wedding-011 Ashoka-Road-Wedding-012 Ashoka-Road-Wedding-013 Ashoka-Road-Wedding-014 Ashoka-Road-Wedding-015 Ashoka-Road-Wedding-016 Ashoka-Road-Wedding-017 Ashoka-Road-Wedding-018 Ashoka-Road-Wedding-019 Ashoka-Road-Wedding-020 Ashoka-Road-Wedding-021 Ashoka-Road-Wedding-022 Ashoka-Road-Wedding-023 Ashoka-Road-Wedding-024 Ashoka-Road-Wedding-025 Ashoka-Road-Wedding-026 Ashoka-Road-Wedding-027 Ashoka-Road-Wedding-028 Ashoka-Road-Wedding-029 Ashoka-Road-Wedding-030 5 Ashoka Road Wedding Ashoka-Road-Wedding-032 Ashoka-Road-Wedding-033 Ashoka-Road-Wedding-034 Ashoka-Road-Wedding-035 Ashoka-Road-Wedding-036 Ashoka-Road-Wedding-037 Ashoka-Road-Wedding-038 Ashoka-Road-Wedding-039 Ashoka-Road-Wedding-040 Ashoka-Road-Wedding-041

Bihari Wedding – 5, Ashoka Road, New Delhi

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