Niti & Manish Wedding at Naivedhyam Eastoria, Nagpur

It is always interesting and makes me curious how does my couple found me. Generally it is a google search, social media or my work featured in some publication. All these lead them to my website and then the things start rolling.

But there is another way many couples hire me. They get referred by their friends whose wedding I have shot or I could not shoot because of unavailability of dates. I had shot Reena’s weddings in Pune, who contacted me on behalf of Niti. They both work in US and after few initial whatsapp calls.

We decided that I will be shooting candid photography and the family will hire local photography team from Nagpur for regular photos and videos. This has been a model for many weddings I have shot in last 10 years and it works like a charm as against a general perception of studio model.

Here are some of pictures from this beautiful mix of Gujarati-Marathi wedding at Naivedhyam Eastoria, Nagpur where both the families including me stayed for two days.

Niti & Manish – Naivedhyam Eastoria Wedding Nagpur

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