Mistakes Couples Make During The PreWedding Shoot

Mistakes Couples Make During The Pre-Wedding Shoot

Missing The Shots: I personally like to plan the pre-wedding shoot at least at the macro level. I try to visualize the end result of the pre-wedding shoot. It includes shooting at certain spots at a particular time.

We have seen a pattern where couples have overslept and have not reached the location on time. This leads to missing out on a few morning shots or videos. Sometimes those shots are important and can become a missing link especially in case of videos.

There is a another factor involved. Every couple needs some warm up time to get into the zone. Some may take less or more time but everyone needs that. If couple is already late on shoot. The shoot starts in an anxious mode. It is not only for couple but for the crew as well. Performance anxiety sneaks in.

Best shots gets created when our couple are relaxed and are enjoying the process of getting photographed or filmed.

Problem of plenty ( Dresses ) : Generally we recommend two or three dresses during the shoot. All the dresses are planned dresses considering the style, color and how they are coordinated the partner’s attire.

There are times when couple would pick up additional dresses for the shoot. They start feeling confused which one to wear first or when.

We have seen couple going for dress trials just before or during the shoot to pick best one for the shoot. And all this is when the crew is waiting for the couple and holding on to the creative juices. This leads to wasting the crucial time slots for certain kind of shots like sunrise, sunset, morning shots etc.

Directing Each Other: Unknowingly couples start directing each other for the shot superseding the lead photographer’s direction for poses. Lot of these poses are selected/modified looking at our couple’s chemistry, attire, location, framing etc.

But couple or one of them would change/alter poses as they had seen the pose on social media or some of our other shoots. The couple end up looking awkward or little off in the framing.

It becomes little difficult for the lead photographer after a while to make them go to the original planned pose. It is like telling your couple indirectly that you are not looking good in this pose. Let’s go back to our original pose. I am sure it will be a happy situation for neither the couple nor the photographer.

Pre Wedding Shoot MIstakes

“Shot” List : Although we rarely face this as a real problem. Most of the couples do come up with some suggestions of shots they personally like.

These are hardly a problem as the couples are not too fussy about them or they are just one or two which can be easily accommodated. But there have been ( rare ) occasions where the couple had a list of shots to be shot.

We as a couple can feel that all the poses which other couples have used can be used on any couple. But not every pose or composition is for every couple.

Pre Wedding Shoot MIstakes

Smartphone Vs Shoot : If you are a person who is always on smartphone whether it is for calls, messages or any app than probably you can virtually see the situation I am going to explain right now.

You may not be aware but even if it is just a shoot, it requires concentration from the couple so that are “into” the shoot mentally. As I said earlier, when the couple is enjoying the shoot it reflects in the pictures and videos.

It is a untold rule, that during the shoot we should not be using phone no matter which side of camera we are in. One of the partner is gets frequent calls or WhatsApp messages during the shoot.

Incidentally all of them are important and has to be responded. Although we cannot argue on importance of calls/messages but it just takes you off from shoot mentally.

Being not a professional actors, it is not easy to regain the form when the camera starts rolling in. You may not realize even your partner waiting along with crew also feels awkward. So the couple begins to struggle in the shoot.

Pre Wedding Shoot Mistakes To Avoid – By Navdeep Soni

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