Do You Need A Professional Wedding Photographer ?

Do You Need A Professional Wedding Photographer ?

Do You Need A Professional Wedding Photographer ?

I was reading an article on Vogue regarding having a DIY wedding. How you don’t need a professional wedding photographers. When reputable voice is certain trends or thoughts we do take it seriously. Vogue suggested to handover disposable cameras to the guest. And you will end up with nice hilarious candid pictures. I think this could be a very vague idea and it may work or may not work. If you have really opted for a DIY wedding, I don’t think so it is mandatory to have everything DIY. Weddings not only involve investment of your money but your emotions as well. Only a couple can decide how much they want to invest in it. All these voices including my article is just for reference.

Wedding photography is an investment for memories. As a couple you need to decide, how much do you value photography in general. If you have lot of pictures in your phone or prints. And you really don’t go back and enjoy watching those. Then professional wedding photography should be your least priority. Brides or couples who have opt for professional photographer, it is an investment for future. Do you know they will go down the memory lane through these pictures ? The wedding pictures which will evoke emotions again and again. This could be meaningful to few if not all. So you need to pick a professional, if wedding pictures hold the same value for you. Don’t go by the trend of hiring a professional wedding photographer. Or hiring a certain photography team for your wedding.

As a couple you don’t need wedding pictures for our social media accounts or just to show off after the wedding. Wedding pictures are all about love and documenting the entire day through the eyes of a professional. Hire a wedding photographer whose style of work you liked. Every wedding season has some passing trends. You cannot get confused, by considering professional wedding photography as a passing trend. A passing trend could be a certain style of decor or a certain theme. Having a good decor will never go out of fashion.

I can put a comparison picture with one taken by amateur wedding photographer and other one with my pictures from a professional wedding portfolio. You can easily see a contrasting difference in the quality of pictures. I won’t divulge into this aspect of wedding pictures. It is the one of the obvious reason why you should hire a professional candid wedding photographer.

Equipment : Your wedding pictures have a lot to do with the kind of equipment a photographer is using. Having a pro grade equipment doesn’t mean having a professional pictures. Right gear is a requirement of wedding photography. But it does not guarantee good pictures. Wedding photography is a collaborative effort. You need to have right gear, a sense of aesthetics, a certain style and a mindset to remain focused throughout your big day. Your friends or guests can have a professional camera but can you trust them on the other aspects. Alternatively imagine a situation where every photographer in the town has the same equipment. Are we going to end up with the same quality of pictures from every photographer ? The answer is no we all know that.

Real Meaningful Moments :
What are real moments ? What are meaningful moments ?
Emotions, moments are the words which evokes certain feelings when used in the caption of the picture. But can we truly appreciate a picture the way the text below the picture
is trying to evoke. Do we really need a text to get into the real feelings ? Having a text or a description along with a picture is debatable. There are different school of thoughts on either side.
Let us take an example. During vows one can see so many guests taking pictures. Ideally speaking, the most important moments have been captured by so many cameras. You will end up with many pictures which have been clicked at the “right” time. So why do we need another photographer ? A pro wedding photographer. Most of the pictures will be snapshots clicked by guests.
Pictures gets a certain status when it is shot correct, technically as well as the right time. They need to be well composed and with a certain view point.

Light and Colours : We all know light plays a major role in photography. It’s up to the photographer how he uses light in his pictures. Some are natural light photographers and the others love to experiment with additional extra lighting. Every photographer has a certain style of post processing the pictures. Some photographers like to have muted colors others like it vibrant. Few photographers like to alter images in their favourite editing software. And some likes to just play with the colors. Lot of wedding photographers keep the end result in mind while shooting your wedding. This is an important aspect in the wedding photography. Pictures clicked by your friends are of entirely different thought process. As a wedding photographer in Pune, I know my job is half done once we have clicked the pictures at the wedding. When you are investing in a wedding photographer, you know your pictures will be post processed professionally. You really don’t need a professional wedding photographer if you are not a fan of play of light, shadow and colours.

Story : Storytelling is one of the biggest reason why you should be hiring a wedding photographer. A good wedding photographer will deliver pictures which will tell you the story of the day. You can easily see the entire day unfolding in front of you through the pictures. If you are looking for a collective of snapshots which will give you the important moments of the day without any built up. Then you don’t need to hire a professional photographer. I know there are so many brides who look forward to getting ready shots, bridal portraits and couple portraits. They love behind the scenes shots which are part of the story telling. Ask yourself, are you really interested in this sort of a story telling? If no then you know what you need to do.

Deliverables : The professional wedding photographer will provide you standard deliverables which are key. But according to me, it is not a standout reason to hire a professional. You will get your standard coffee table books/albums, pen drives, merchandise etc. I know lot of wedding photographers who have a lot of options when it comes comes to these deliverables. These are the key parts of their packages. And they do try to stand out from other photographers. It does attract lot of clients. Any good sales guy uses them to close the deal. You should opt for a good candid photographer based upon his style, story telling and his work ethics.



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