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Wedding In Westin Pune

Wedding In Westin Pune

Frankly it won’t be true if I say Aprajita was looking for a candid wedding photographer in Pune. Infact she had no idea about the concept of candid photography in India. She accidentally saw one her friend liking and commenting few pictures on facebook and those pictures appeared on her facebook timeline. She contacted me for her wedding and was bit surprised to hear the standard do and don’ts ( and ofcourse the pricing ) of candid photography. So it took me few minutes to explain her on phone what is candid photography and how it is different from traditional photography. Aprajita was convinced that she definitely wanted these “natural” as well as few “glamorous” shot in her wedding pictures. So we finally decided to meet and finalize the things. The wedding was mix of marwari hindu punjabi rituals. The Westin in Koregaon Park Pune is one of the hottest five star hotels for weddings. I had already shot quite a few pune weddings in westin. So knowing the venue and favorite spots for couple shoot was already on my to do list.

Aprajita-Kapil-001 Aprajita-Kapil-002 Aprajita-Kapil-003 Aprajita-Kapil-004 Aprajita-Kapil-005 Aprajita-Kapil-006 Aprajita-Kapil-007 Aprajita-Kapil-008 Aprajita-Kapil-009 Aprajita-Kapil-010 Aprajita-Kapil-011 Aprajita-Kapil-012 Aprajita-Kapil-013 Aprajita-Kapil-014 Aprajita-Kapil-015 Aprajita-Kapil-016 Aprajita-Kapil-017 Aprajita-Kapil-018 Aprajita-Kapil-019 Aprajita-Kapil-020 Aprajita-Kapil-021 Aprajita-Kapil-022 Aprajita-Kapil-023 Aprajita-Kapil-024 Aprajita-Kapil-025 Aprajita-Kapil-026 Aprajita-Kapil-027 Aprajita-Kapil-028 Aprajita-Kapil-029 Aprajita-Kapil-030 Aprajita-Kapil-031 Aprajita-Kapil-032 Aprajita-Kapil-033 Aprajita-Kapil-034 Aprajita-Kapil-035 Aprajita-Kapil-036 Aprajita-Kapil-037 Aprajita-Kapil-038 Aprajita-Kapil-039 Aprajita-Kapil-040 Aprajita-Kapil-041 Aprajita-Kapil-042 Aprajita-Kapil-043 Aprajita-Kapil-044 Aprajita-Kapil-045 Aprajita-Kapil-046 Aprajita-Kapil-047 Aprajita-Kapil-048 Aprajita-Kapil-049 Aprajita-Kapil-050 Aprajita-Kapil-051 Aprajita-Kapil-052 Aprajita-Kapil-053 Aprajita-Kapil-054 Aprajita-Kapil-055 Aprajita-Kapil-056 Aprajita-Kapil-057 Aprajita-Kapil-058

Wedding Photographer In Pune – Wedding In Westin Pune – By Navdeep Soni


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