Bridal Portraits are important part of any wedding. This is a portrait from a wedding in Ahmedabad. Geetanjali waiting for the baraat to arrive in her bungalow on the outskirts of Ahmedabad. It is so common to find the Indian weddings running late. The bride are usually in a hurry. This makes the task of candid photographer difficult. Bridal portraits for me is the opportunity to bring the personality of the bride in her wedding dress. Gone are the days when a cliched poses of the bride were a must. A modern contemporary bride does not want those. Fine art wedding portraits are a must in Indian weddings these days. Bridal trousseau is getting so expensive. Brides are so conscious about the kind of wedding attire they want. You need to capture the essence of color and overall vibrancy of the wedding dress and her mood. These are part of the wedding details you need to capture during and after the getting ready session. The job of candid wedding photographer is incomplete without these details.

Luckily in this wedding, I had an ample opportunity to shoot proper getting ready and bridal shots. Viren and the baraat took some time to reach the venue. Geet, who was ready for quite some time was not sure how to kill the waiting time. She was visibly anxious and taking small walks in her room. And then I saw her sitting and waiting. This is one of my favorite shot of the wedding. It tells you the story of the moment – The Anxious Bride.

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