10 Tips For Stress Free Getting Ready Session Before Wedding

10 Tips For Stress Free Getting Ready Session Before Wedding

10 Tips For Stress Free Getting Ready Session

Tips For Stress Free Getting Ready Session
Tips For Stress Free Getting Ready Session
  1. Getting Late – Your getting ready session started late and now you are already late for the wedding ? People are knocking at your door to hurry up. Your phone does not stop ringing. The handsome dude a.k.a groom is wondering and calling up just to check if you are ready. Well you are not the only one who will be going through all this. It happens in almost every wedding. And honestly you can’t do much about about it. So just chill and relax. Allow the things to unfold on their own. Every moment of wedding needs to be enjoyed and this is one of them.
  2. Good Overnight Sleep : Parties are the flavor of weddings. And it usually goes till late in the morning. Try to have a good sound sleep before your D day. Wake-up fresh and re-rejuvenated. You don’t want to see water bags below your eyes. A good sleep is a key to glowing skin.
  3. Avoid running Around – You definitely need a close friend/cousin around for help and advice. A second opinion from a close friend that everything looks fine will definitely helps to keep a sanity check.
  4. Messy Room : One mess often leads to another mess. Suddenly a few things may go missing just when they are required. Although they may be around but we cannot see them instantly. Surely it gives a mild panic attack. Used clothes, nightwear, open boxes, cupboards and suitcases are the common culprits. As a wedding photographer, I am use to of clearing them up sometimes so that I can take few detail shots.
  5. Crowded Room : Ask me a question – How many times you have seen a bride getting ready in a spacious clean room but crowded by friends and family ? the answer is simple 🙂 It really makes it difficult for your wedding photographer and makeup artist to move around and concentrate on the job in-hand. Frequently people moving in and out of the camera frames is an issue which only becomes visible once you see the number of pictures that are discarded from getting ready session.
  6. Well Lit Room : Dark rooms or improperly lit room will always give you a gloomy feeling. Make sure you have nice and easily accessible big mirror with good lighting. Pleasure of watching and admiring yourself turning into a beautiful bride is priceless. Rooms with poor lighting will certainly be reducing the scope of some creative and clean shots.
  7. Don’t Experiment : The big day is here so you have already tried and tested the makeup and styling. Don’t experiment or change you plans now. Go for the makeup or hair style you initially planned.
    Your trial sessions was the best time for experiments so take your trials seriously and follow the rules. I have seen quite a few brides coming up with new hair styles or some drastic changes to what was initially planned. It may work out if you have an expert and seasoned makeup artist but if it does not then  it is surely going to give you and makeup artist few jitters and delayed getting ready sessions.
  8. Keep Yourself Hydrated – Right amount of water intake is good for you and your skin. Keep sipping that cool water with the straw. Did you read the word “beer” in-between ? 🙂
  9. Quick bites : Don’t be hungry or too stuffed with heavy meals before getting ready session. Getting ready sessions are long and best enjoyed when you have something light to eat. Freshly cut fruits with a fork or dry fruits should be the first choice.
  10. Deep Breathing – Does deep breathing helps ? yes it does. It helps to calm your nerves. So make sure you have few deep breathes whenever you are feeling little tense 🙂



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