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Wedding Tips

Planning A Summer Wedding

Though everyone dreads summers especially the people of North, yet it brings out the best in the nature. Best of the flowers, clear weather, some great experimentation with the clothing encapsulates the entire summer. That’s the vibe which leads to the festivity called the elusive “summer wedding”. The vibrant colours, florals, peaches and creams, ivory and gold, the combinations check all the right boxes. Not

How To Make Most Of Your Candid Wedding Photographer

How To Make Most Of Your Candid Wedding Photographer I did a post couple of years back “How to get the best out of the wedding photographer”. It still ticks all the right boxes but with time and experience, I have noticed that there are many other little things apart from the already curated list that many couples give a miss. Little do

Pre Wedding Locations In Pune

When a lot of couples in Pune start planning for pre wedding ( or post wedding ) shoot, they are somewhat clueless on where they should have their shoot. I am a firm believer that location has very limited role on the outcome of the shoot. An experienced photographer's job is to bring the chemistry of the couple in the pictures. The chemistry is not

5 Mistakes Brides Should Avoid while Contacting Wedding Photographers

I cannot emphasize enough the importance of a wedding photographer in your wedding. Not because I am one but because a wedding photographer gives you the memories in the form of pictures that get to stay with you and your family for generations to come. That’s the best investment you can or will ever make. You ask why? All the money spent on the décor,

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