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Wedding Tips

Practical Wedding Checklist Every Bride Need To Follow

As a wedding photographer I work with so many brides in an year. I have seen so many wedding plans going for a toss as well as going bang on target on a wedding day. Here is a wedding checklist every indian bride should follow. 12 Month And More : Browse websites like pinterest and save pictures related to outfits and decor. Go through wedding

Indian Wedding Blogs For Inspiration & Wedding Photography Best Deals

"Ever wondered is it possible to get best vendor/quotes from wedding inspiration blogs ?" "Why do we have so many wedding inspiration blogs ?" Read on you will be surprised and then you will realize you are not ! Many Indian Wedding blogs for inspiration have cool ideas. They give you a nice direction for your wedding shopping and latest trends in wedding decor, bridal

Bridal Makeup Artists In Pune

Image for representation purpose and may not include makeup done by any artists listed below As wedding photographer, I do get lot of  queries from "would be" brides, about recommending makeup artists. Below are few bridal makeup artists in Pune you can consider. The listing is in random order and is no way a ranking of makeup artists. Also keep in mind lot

I Am Not A Candid Wedding Photographer

Candid wedding photographer has become a cliched buzzword in the wedding industry. I have been shooting weddings in many cities including all the metros like Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai and Pune. I have been often asked what does it mean why I say " I am not a candid wedding photographer". It usually gets triggered when they read about me in my about section.

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