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Telugu Wedding

Utsha and Varun – Bengali Telugu Wedding In Hyderabad

Today's post is about Utsha and Varun bengali telugu wedding in Hyderabad . Varun Bopanna, the groom had expressed his views of two weddings on a same day. The two families were planning to incorporate best of the rituals from either side. I really liked the idea as it would keep everyone happy without making it a long and tiring day for the energetic couple.

Telugu Wedding At Chiraan Fort Club Hyderabad

Today's post is dedicated to Aakruti and Suman Chakravarthy's (Chakri ) telugu wedding at Chiraan Fort Club Hyderabad. Telugu Wedding At Chiraan Fort Club Hyderabad - By Navdeep Soni  

Vandhana and Boopesh – Recent Telugu Wedding From Tirupati Tirumala

Today's post is a special one as I am presenting you a telugu wedding from Tirupati Tirumala - the holy city of Lord Balaji. Realistically speaking, it is not easy to manage a wedding in the holy city. It all comes down to logistics of managing the availability, bookings and travel plans for guests. But the charm of getting married in the vicinity of blessings

NAVDEEP SONI | Candid Wedding Photographer in Hyderabad

Wedding Photographers in Hyderabad Wedding Photography in Hyderabad has seen a lot of changes in last couple of years. Let me share my experience of Tejaswi and Suchithra's wedding in Hyderabad. If I remember correctly, Tejas contacted me quite early. He booked me around 8-9 months before his wedding. We had a general chat about pricing. Tejas expressed that he liked my approach in shooting

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