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Pricing / FAQs

Hey, I want to know about your packages and pricing ? “

Every day at a given wedding is different. It would be fair to know how many events we need to cover on a given day. How long the events will be ? How many guests or kind of coverage we are looking at ? There are days we have to work around given budgets. On other days, we mix and match the right things to get best of both the worlds. We love small intimate weddings to big fat weddings. So providing customized quotes makes more sense. The pricing for a day starts from Rs.60,000+. For actual confirmed prices, you will need a formal quote. Don’t hesitate to fill up the contact form and share all details including the events to be covered. More you share, better it is.

But what about pre-wedding/honeymoon shoot packages and pricing ? “

This is even more tricky and requires more planning than a wedding. It primarily depends upon location, number of sessions, dress changes, travel, dates etc. Pre-wedding shoot pricing starts from Rs.30,000 onward (Photos only) .

” .. But whats the maximum price for a given day ? “

Well, all prices are rough estimates and it all depends upon lot of factors namely number of events, team size, amount of coverage, travel time, type of services etc. Formal quote is your friend.

” Any additional costs ? “

Being primarily based in PUNE, there will be air travel, food and accommodation charges for other cities.

” I hate filling forms ! should I just drop an email to you ? “

Emails are also surely welcome but do share your events and other details. Hit your email on my office help desk ( hello at navdeepsoni dot com ) Make sure you mention your mobile number and event details else it might end up in spam folder 🙂

” I filled up your contact form few days back but haven’t heard from you ? “

I bet it must be an anonymous email. Three things are a must – correct email id, mobile number and event details to consider it as a serious inquiry. We usually try to respond all emails well within 24hrs. Make sure you have filled up the contact form with confirmed dates and all the relevant details as requested. Forms with one line incomplete info, no or invalid mobile numbers are considered non-serious inquiries.

”  Just curious, if you have any options for photo books/coffee table books ? “

There are quite a few Indian and international options available depending upon your taste.

” I know it does not matter but out of curiosity .. are you a nikon or a canon guy  ? “

We are using Nikon and Sony 🙂 but we do open to other brands as well if it is going to help us with our vision 🙂

“Do you provide contemporary short wedding films  ? “

Yes, but only for limited number of weddings in an year. Basic pricing for the same starts from Rs.60,000+.

“Do you provide traditional photography and videos  ? “

Yes,  we do take care of your regular group/posed shots. Alternatively, you can choose any vendor for regular photography/video requirement.

” You may not like it .. but I want some discounts ? :p “

Ah .. we all love discounts don’t we. I have strict booking policy of 60% advance for booking but if you are making upfront full payment I do offer discounts but depending upon the dates 🙂