One Tip to Effectively Pose ANY Couple!

One Tip to Effectively Pose ANY Couple!


A lot of couples and even some photographers make the mistake of assuming that a couple can be directed easily into any pose. As photographer never try to push any couple into poses which “you” or “they” feel will work. Understand the body language, body type, and chemistry of the couple. It is part of being a photographer or photography. Take time and understand your couple. Tweak poses to suit them not your style of photography. If posing is leading to a level where the couple starts feeling it is a performance. It will squeeze the fun out of the shoot and stress will sneak into the shoot slowly especially with girls.

Always guide the couple into a pose and let the chemistry of the couple take over. Your image will turn out to be more relaxed as the couple will be more comfortable in posing. And guess what the pose will also look more fresh and new. This will let you think more about the composition and light. Hence better picture and experience for both couple and photographer. Win, win situation.

Name one thing that you do to make couple look good in a pose?
As a guy/girl, last thing you would want when you are being photographed?


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