Learn Wedding Photography

It is time to step up your game in wedding photography. The universe around you will make you believe that it is an easiest form of art.

If you are a photographer, you can do wedding photography. But if you are planning to run your wedding photography business. It is challenging and you will start faciung the reality when you knee deep into it.

My real focus is to help you understand the business of wedding photography.

There are lot of good workshops, classes, tutorials and you tube videos to answer your questions on basics of wedding photography.

I want to help you upgrade your art as well as your business.

Why Navdeep Soni as my mentor?

It is difficult for me to share about my art and what I have to offer. To begin with, this link below is a good starting point.

My goal is to make your learning more practical and directly linked to real life scenarios and experiences I personally had shooting destination weddings.

Effective Ways To Learn Wedding Photography

If you are serious about wedding photography, these are the only effective ways to improve your art and business.

Myth Of Wedding Photography Workshops

It is a common myth that attend a wedding photography workshop and you will learn the tricks of the trade. Unfortunately there are no workshops to teach you how to choose a right and best wedding photography workshop. A workshop that will help you grow your business.

Infact, there are hardly any dedicated workshops which help you make a strategy to grow your business. You need real life scenario to learn wedding photography business.

Last few years have seen a culture of wedding photography festivals. This is a good start to networking and sharing experiences live with the wedding photographers across the globe.

These two to three days festivals starts well and motivates you to do better. The changes are hard to implement. As per independent study, the motivation level drops by 87% in 30 days.

It does create awareness to improve your art but it is reduced to following instagram handles for inspiration.

Most of the pursuers never reach a stage where they can actually make a plan measurable improvements.

Only well designed workshops by wedding photographers who have been in such situations and have been able to chalk out plan for themselves can understand and share.

One on One Mentoring Sessions

What are mentoring sessions?

Mentoring sessions are face to face sitting ( so skype video calls ) which are highly targeted to individual problems. Many photographers reach a zone of plateau. They are not able to break that plateau and enter into zone of further growth.

These sessions are highly motivated wedding photographers with a focus and visions. These are not motivational therapy sessions. There are bitter pills to be swallowed.

A session full of action oriented ideas.

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Start Learning With Videos

The one playlist you need right now that can teach you business side of wedding photography. Watch the series of videos and topics which no one is discussing.