Things You May Miss In Your Wedding Pictures

Things You May Miss In Your Wedding Pictures

How To Make Most Of Your Candid Wedding Photographer

I did a post some time back on “How to get the best out of the wedding photographer”. It still ticks all the right boxes but with time and experience, I have noticed that there are many other little things apart from the already curated list that many couples give a miss. Little do you realize that it impacts the whole look and feel of the wedding pictures.

When you sit back and look at your wedding pictures a year later, you should not feel and reflect in hindsight, “Oh! I hired a candid wedding photographer. Wish I could use him in the best way possible.” Still not sure and thinking what on earth he can tell that I already don’t know. Well, the thing is that you know it; you just don’t think that you are missing it.

Not sparing time for couple portraits after every celebration

Usually, the couple is so busy in the celebrations that the couple portraits just don’t figure out in the plan. But believe me, just 10 mins per event can make hell of a difference. Give your wedding photographer those 10 mins and you will get in return some timeless pictures apart from the fun and candid moments.

Missing out on the couple shoot

You had chosen a location carefully; the views were breath taking; your celebrations were spanned out over two days but alas, you couldn’t spare time to get captured there in some peace. You had flown in a professional photographer to capture all the little details but you didn’t find time to be there for him so that he can click some loved up shots of both of you. This is the biggest mistake you can make especially in destination weddings. You are not only losing out on a beautiful location but also not giving your photographer the opportunity to bring out your wedding in the most beautiful way possible. If he loves his work, I am sure he will be disappointed much more than you.

Missing out on getting ready shots

Getting ready shots are not all about clicking when lipper is being applied or bride is in half done hair; it is about capturing the flow of the wedding. The little details like when your mother is adjusting your dupatta, or someone helping you secure your sandals while you are delicately holding your heavy lehenga or you are having a light moment with your friends in an informal atmosphere; it adds another layer to your wedding celebrations. There can be many reasons for giving it a miss. Apart from things like no prior permission from parlour, or room not classy enough, I have also seen brides cancelling at the last minute because of the mess in the room. If you ask me, don’t let it be a dampener. Clear out with the help of people who are around you but don’t make it a reason to miss out on this very important aspect of the wedding.

It is all about planning. If you just keep these things in your mind, you will be able to spare time and add that extra dimension to your wedding. Do yourself a favour and let your wedding photographer bring out the real emotion of the wedding.


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