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Wedding Photographers In Bangalore – Featured Bangalore Weddings

I am based in Pune. But I do get a chance once in a while to shoot weddings in a crowded market of candid wedding photographers in Bangalore. Candid wedding photography is evolving in India. Most of the couples are looking for different styles of wedding photography, if not all. This has opened up different avenues for photographers and couples. Bangalore is one of my

Wedding Photographers In Hyderabad – Featured Hyderabad Weddings

I remember shooting my first Telugu wedding back in 2012. I have never looked back and shot so many candid photography projects in Hyderabad. There are so many candid wedding photographers in Hyderabad but it is not uncommon to hire someone from outside Hyderabad. I get so many inquiries for telugu weddings. Couples these days are looking for a different perspective in candid photography and

Pre-Wedding Shoot Ahmedabad Railway Station

  Pre-Wedding Shoot Ahmedabad

Catholic Church Wedding In Pune

Catholic Church Wedding In Pune

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