Always Twist Your Reception Entry

Always Twist Your Reception Entry

Weddings happens once in a lifetime ( mostly – pun intended ). And as a couple you can always add a few twists to usual things at an event. Honestly it doesn’t matter if it is a destination wedding or a wedding in your own city. All you need to do is be a bit creative and open to little experimentation. If you have a reception as a part of wedding celebrations, give a little twist to your entry as a couple to the venue. Don’t go for boring predictable entry on some cliche bollywood song. Little dramatic entry to the venue is acceptable. It is your wedding day !

You can use make entry dancing with friends and cousins around. Plan a certain kind of decor which stand out from the remaining decor as you walk. You can use sparklers. Sparklers, not only you can use them at outdoor venues but can be used even in indoors venues. Discuss with your wedding photographer and wedding planner for current trends and ideas. Take initiative and show interest so that your wedding photography/planning team know you are not just another client with regular requirements. Trust most of the photographers love such couples.

Lastly, with all the planning in place, make sure there are not 10 photographers/video guys covering your entry. Don’t ruin the moment for the guests as well as for your candid photographer. Oh yes and for your own sake 😀

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