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5 Mistakes Brides Should Avoid Contacting Wedding Photographers

5 Mistakes Brides Should Avoid Contacting Wedding Photographers

5 Mistakes Brides Should Avoid while Contacting Wedding Photographers

I cannot emphasize enough the importance of a wedding photographer in your wedding. Not because I am one but because a wedding photographer gives you the memories in the form of pictures that get to stay with you and your family for generations to come. That’s the best investment you can or will ever make.

You ask why?

All the money spent on the décor, planning and lehengas turn into nothing if they are not captured well in the pictures. You need to be smart to get the best out of your wedding photographer. It starts with when you first contact him.

So to make every penny worth it, it’s important to start on the right note. It’s important to reach out with a clear idea. You need to be smart to get the best out of your wedding photographer. It starts with when you first contact him. Here are few mistakes that the brides or couples should avoid while contacting the shortlisted wedding photographers:

Emailing a photographer in bcc or addressing him with a wrong name in copy/paste email

This is the top most mistake that most photographers come across in their mails. The email loses its genuineness the moment it appears like a copy that’s been sent out to a couple of photographers in a single go. That shows how much you care about the personal style of the photographer. That undermines the skill that he or she has acquired over the years. I am sure that’s not what your intention is so sending an email in bcc to bunch of photographers is surely not a smart choice. Some of the emails go a step further and have a line of appreciation of the photographer’s work while contacting him in bcc. Imagine getting such email and the image the sender would have in your eyes. Some couples copy/paste the content of first inquiry email and forget to change the name of the photographer. Again, a turn off for a potentially interesting wedding. I know a few photographers who prefer not replying to such emails. You wouldn’t like that, would you?

Shying away from sharing basic contact details like contact number

The inquiry emails with no contact numbers or dubious ids are most of the times marked fake by photographers. I, myself, have skipped few emails that look anonymous to me. It is always good to share email and contact number. If you are contacting on behalf of bride or groom, always mention the names of bride/groom and the wedding city/venues.

Asking for unplanned meetings

With everyone so hard pressed for time these days, scheduling a meeting with an agenda offers you a better insight into the collaboration you are going to have with your wedding photographer. Lots of clients want to meet first and then share the details of the upcoming wedding. It may or may not work depending on what exactly are you looking for. Why not go ahead and email the details beforehand? Get a quote for the same. This is a good starting point for the conversation when you meet. You already know the price, team size and deliverables. You already have a fair idea if the photographer matches the budget or the availability of certain services. This saves time on both ends and the meeting leads to a fruitful discussion.

Asking questions but not according to the experience of the photography team

Don’t get me wrong. As a client, you have the right to ask all the questions you have in your mind. But asking an experienced photographer questions like “how many weddings have you done?”, Or “what gear do you use for weddings?” or “whether the camera is full frame or not?” are not helpful. To get the best out of the professional and experienced wedding

photographer is to go through his portfolio thoroughly. It will give you a fair idea about where the photography team stands in terms of experience and expertise.

Asking questions like “Have you had the experience of covering a telugu wedding at a specific venue or a particular time of the day” will give you a better understanding of whether the photographer is a right fit for you and will also allow him to share more details and insights to develop a sense of trust between the two of you.

Pitching about your swell circle

More often than not, people start pitching to the photographer about how big their friend circle is and how this wedding will open the door to many big weddings. The intention obviously is to get an upper hand in the negotiations. But let me tell you from a photographer’s perspective – it rarely works with a experienced photographer.

Every wedding that he does is as important and has as much future prospect as yours. Yes, word of mouth plays a big role but it cannot be a point in your negotiation arsenal. It is like telling him indirectly that your work is not worthy enough.

These starters do impact how your conversation develops with the wedding photographer and the whole experience of it. Remember, you are here to get the best out of the candid photographer you are going to hire and you would not want these little things to get in your way.


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